How to use Medium for Power, Policy and the Digital Age

We’ll be using Medium for quick responses and writing assignments in the class. These are public posts. This is a great entry into writing for a publication and entering into a social, public conversation. We’ll end up with is a collection of thoughts, responses, articles, links, videos — all archived and publicly available as a record of the work we put into this class. This post has some tips about how to use Medium.

Create an account. Sign up via Twitter, or create a Twitter account for the class. Tell @nProctor your username on Medium.

Write. Write your Quick Responses and assignments in Medium. Add images, links, videos. Here is a post on tips on how to write on Medium: Top tips: if you want to add an image or video or section break, just hit return a couple of times to get the (+) menu on the left-hand side. To add links or style text, just highlight that text.

When publishing your work, add it to the “Power, Policy and the Digital Age” publication by clicking the (…) menu and selecting “Add to Publication” then select “Power, Policy and the Digital Age.”

Comments via the + menu: on Medium: you can comment on the word, line or paragraph level. It’s up to you whether to make comments on your posts public or to allow them at all.

Get help. Make use of the Medium Help Center at if you run into problems. Some of you probably know how to use Medium better than I do, so you can ask me for assistance or each other.

Read more about writing on Medium: here

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