Have You Ever Thought Of Thinking Differently?

Are you one of those who are scared to change your ways?


With a population of 7+ billion people, this world is nothing less than a race.

Everyone is hungry for name, fame, and success.

In this light, being a business owner can be stressful.

No sector in any economy is devoid of competition.

And to survive amidst such a cut-throat scenario, one has to be different.

Coming up with things outside the box and your comfort zone are compulsory to thrive.

Let’s take the example of Apple and it’s 1997 commercial- Think Different.

Video Credits: kreftovich1

Apple started its historic campaign with this grammatically-imperfect tagline.

Their market share was declining and Apple was in a dire need of new ideas.

Tim Cook said, ‘So many people confuse innovation with change and they become convinced that innovation is just change, but we [Benioff and Cook] and our companies recognize that innovation is about making things better, not just changing them. That requires a depth of thought beyond change. That’s Apple’s secret.’

Apple is viewed as a pioneer, as an innovator.

All thanks to such campaigns and aggressive advertising positioning Apple as a leader.

Changing and innovating are two different things when you talk in the context of thinking differently.

Innovating is changing for the better, but it’s not the same the other way round.

Today’s age requires groundbreaking innovations to make life easier and better.

A quality life as they may call it.

Digitization brings with it innovators with groundbreaking innovations who strive to make processes simpler and faster, so you get time to spend quality time with people you care about rather than struggle with a spreadsheet for a week straight.

You could be doing the same thing over and over, hand jamming the same spreadsheets for 8 hours, or you could be actually busy doing something new and productive.

The choice to adopt such an attitude is yours.

The celebrated minds today, like Newton, Edison, or Turing, share one thing in common.

They saw the world differently unlike the regular folks.

Change the way you see, to change the way you think!

That is how entrepreneurs have an edge over regular people.

They spot opportunities that the rest miss.

Go outside and look around.

The world is a dynamic place and you have no option but to keep up.


Would the recruit function the same way his job holder did 20 years back?

The answer is a clear NO.

Would you think about thinking a little differently now?

Counter your built-in tendency to habituate!




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