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Dr. Justin Terry | Superintendent, Forney ISD

Forney ISD is one of the fastest growing districts in Texas. Enrollment increases are occurring every day, and we have exceeded the enrollment projections for 2021–2022, anticipate another 2,400 new students to Forney ISD next year and predict another 10,000 students by 2027.

While our growth rate is higher than anticipated due to the unprecedented number of homes being built and sold, we’ve always known growth was inevitable. Families seek out Forney ISD for our academic excellence, our award-winning athletics and fine arts programs, and our commitment to doing right by the community and taxpayers we serve.

People move to better their lives and the lives of their children, and that is why I know we’re seeing so many families join our tight-knit community.

The Forney Family

Everywhere you go in Forney there is a strong sense of community pride and a real desire to ensure everyone feels part of the Forney Family. Whether you’re down at Mama’s Daughters Diner having breakfast, out at one of our schools or walking through our historic downtown, you may not know everyone’s name, but you can count on everyone to be supportive and do whatever they can to take care of each other.

We are all proud to be a part of the Forney Family — and not just during the good times but during times of uncertainty, sorrow and change. We may disagree, yet we will work tirelessly to find common ground through compromise and do what is best for our community.

In Forney, our family isn’t just the people we share our home with and call mother, father, daughter or son. Here, the notion of family extends to those we serve with, play with, study with — all of the people who make Forney the special place it is; church and school, sports and theater, business and industry — all of the different groups we participate in are part of our family and hold us together.

Our community has been through a lot recently, everything from a tornado to a global pandemic. Regardless of the challenge, we have pulled through stronger than before because we all step up and help.

A Heart for Service

Research tells us that when people move, one of their primary goals is to find a great school district. As one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas there are several reasons that come to mind why we’re seeing such unprecedented growth.

Forney ISD has always been a tight-knit community led by a series of school Boards — both past and present — who care deeply about the Forney community and its students.

Whether they are serving as volunteers at community events or through their service to faith-based or community service organizations, our Board is highly engaged in our community. They truly have a heart for putting our kids first and making decisions in the best interest of our students.

Their actions are consistent with those beliefs, and they have created an enormously positive culture that empowers our administrators, teachers and staff to really take care of our students.

A Commitment to All Students

As a school system, we are in the learning business, and that is the primary reason we open our doors. Our vision statement is, “Inspiring Students Through Innovative Education!” and we try to reach for that vision every day.

That effort is led by our fantastic employees. Whether they are teaching classes, polishing floors, serving meals, driving buses, counseling students, coaching athletes, directing actors or bandaging scraped knees, they approach their jobs with a servant heart — here to serve, protect, inspire and empower each and every one of our students.

Even during the global pandemic, the big freeze and an unsettled world, our team has persevered and served with grace, patience and determination to ensure our students are learning, safe and secure.

A Strong Community

As Forney continues to grow — in the last 5 years, more than 9,750 homes have been built and another 30,000 home lots are currently approved for construction or in the planning stages — the one thing that will keep our Forney Family going strong is our school district.

Whether it’s a Friday night football game, band concert or school open house, we are constantly bringing people together and creating community.

This sense of community is what led us to the groundbreaking of Opportunity Central, the OC, earlier this year. Opportunity Central is an imaginative, creative and one-of-a-kind idea that will transform the way schools and communities educate future generations. Part career and college center, multi-purpose complex, student-run business hub, fine arts spaces and so much more, it’s designed to create new opportunities for everyone in the Forney Family.

With great growth comes tremendous change, but one thing I am confident about is that no matter how big Forney grows, we will maintain our traditions and sense of community. Forney ISD will always be a place where relationships matter, people take care of each other and where there is constant innovation and great opportunity.

Relationships, Service, Commitment and Community . . . It’s Our Superpower

Dr. Justin Terry serves the Forney ISD community as its superintendent of schools. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Kinesiology from East Texas Baptist University, his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Study from the University of Texas in Arlington and his Doctorate of Education from Texas A&M Commerce. He may be reached at jwterry@forneyisd.net.



Superintendents have innumerable superpowers —mentoring and guiding aspirational leaders is one many of them share. Huckabee is “traveling” the state to visit with educational leaders and share their stories of fortitude, growth and inspiration in the hopes of uplifting others.

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