Introducing the Bleuberry Project

An Experiment in the On-Demand + Sharing Economy was started for a simple reason — there are an insane amount of awesome services available to us, but it’s impossible for any one person to keep track of them all and figure out which one’s are the best in any given area.

We kept looking for something that just showed us what on-demand services we could get done while we were traveling, or even as a quick reference for while we were home, but could never find one resource that covered it…

So we built it. 🤓

No more having to guess at what you can get delivered/done for you? Yup (!!!)

So how does Bleuberry work?

Bleuberry is a comprehensive, collaborative, and curated, interactive database for the On-Demand + Sharing Economy.

Or just think of it as a modern version of Craigslist, mixed with a little bit of Yellow Pages and some Yelp sprinkled on top.

Everything available to you in your city. All in one place.

Bleuberry was built out of with the help of Engineering Advisor, Moshiur Tarafdar — CTO of Story2

Bleuberry currently covers 26 cities and 16 service categories — Food, Flowers, Alcohol, Convenience, Groceries, Cleaning, Laundry, Handyman, Beauty, Massage, Things to Do, Hotel, Shipping, Pet Care, and Transportation.

The great thing about Bleuberry is that it’s always expanding and adjusting to keep up with the best services in your area. It’s constantly being updated by local people like you to cover more services and more cities so you no longer have to worry about what’s the best service for X. Bleuberry handles it for you.

How are people using Bleuberry?

How can you help?

What’s Nextt?

The mission is to get every modern service provider in the world added and cleanly organized. Kind of like Pokémon GO: we gotta catch ’em all. :)

Phase One: Manually aggregate as much data as possible to get Bleuberry to the point of minimum utility value. [COMPLETE]

Phase Two: Open Bleuberry to the Public and allow anyone to contribute. Begin building the largest database of on-demand and sharing economy services available in the world [IN PROGRESS]

Phase Three: Build a Yelp Style Ranking System. This will include: Hours of Operation, Cost, and Quality. [TBD — NEXTT PHASE]

While we’re working through these phases, we’re also building some cool stuff too. So far we’re thinking about an iOS App, iMessage App, Siri Integration, and Amazon Alexa App. If you’re a builder and want to join in on the fun, just hit us up at Also, if you’re a service provider who wants to get more involved, hit us up as well! :)

One site. Everything On-Demand.