Integrating your platform with Action Network is now easier than ever

Introducing the Integration Partnerships Program!

I’ve been at Action Network for nearly four years now, and during this time our tools have evolved a lot. The needs of the movement have evolved too — more tools, more data, more work! And we know that a partner’s digital program goes beyond mass email, mobile messaging, and online actions. Integrations (like the ones we already have) allow our partners to use tools that are best for their given purpose, whether it’s a fully-featured CRM, peer-to-peer texting tool, phone banking, or advocacy tool.

As the Engineering Partnerships Manager, it’s my job to make sure that Action Network keeps up with the needs of the movement. I want to improve the digital environment available to our partners, so your data gets to where it needs to go, and your tools work for you, not the other way around.

I want to improve the digital environment available to our partners so your tools work for you, not the other way around.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the Integration Partnerships Program. I’ll work closely with other platforms to improve and maintain integrations and work to integrate with more platforms for our partners. When your various tools communicate with each other and data is transferred, your program is more functional. The integrated data allows for better targeting, messaging, fundraising, and ultimately, a more successful program.

Who can be a part of the Integration Partnerships Program?

Any developer, consultant, or platform that wants to build an integration with Action Network.

What is included in the Integration Partnerships Program?

Glad you asked! As a part of the program, you (and your team) will receive resources like your very own sandbox, the API documentation, a point of contact (hello, me, Amy), and access to our developers’ Google Group. And photos of Axel on request.

Axel, a smol boy who likes to be on tall things.

Once the integration is deployed, we’ll list it on the API & Sync page on our website and in our help docs, and our support team will be trained on the integration too. We’ll publicize the integration in our release notes and on social media (follow us on Twitter and Facebook).

Then there’s a bunch of joint marketing opportunities we can explore too! Blog posts, emails to our partners, trainings, demos, the list goes on.

Where can you sign up?

Visit our Integration Partnerships page and sign the form there. I’ll get back to you and set up an initial call.

What would you like Action Network to integrate with? Or do you want to integrate with Action Network? Let me know!




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Amy Chin-Lai

Amy Chin-Lai

(she/her) Engineering Partnerships Manager at Action Network. Software engineering student at Flatiron. Love my dog, Tex-Mex, and email deliverability.

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