Introduction to ICO marketing. Part 1

The ICO fundraising method was initiated by Ethereum back in 2014 and the funds raised through this method has increased 4000% from 2016 to 2017 with over $5 billion being raised through ICOs last year.

Yet, not every ICO is successful and only 48% of ICOs were considered a success last year. Currently, competition is fierce with over 2000 cryptocurrencies being currently listed in the various exchanges and what separates a successful from an unsuccessful ICO is frequently the marketing. Having a solid marketing plan for your ICO from day one is crucial for such saturated space, it’s in fact, probably even more important than the product itself, because, even though most ICOs have big plans, most of this plans are useless without proper funding and commonly the perception of the team and project is based on first impressions.

That’s why, a successful marketing campaign has to adopt a broad number of marketing channels, some more crucial than others, with an active social media and community chatroom being some of the most important. And as competition increases so does the need for innovation and attention to smaller details.

And it’s due to this fierce competition that PowerLaunch is doing a ICO marketing series with multiple parts to let all our clients and non clients know how ICO marketing works.

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