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Pooler v1

Our team has been heads down since the start of the year to launch phase 1 of PowerLoom Network. Today, we are announcing Pooler, our first product with support for Uniswap v2 (v3 to follow) like AMMs on our Prost testnet.

Uniswap v2 Info powered by PowerLoom Protocol

Here’s what we’ve built so far:

  1. Pooler is the first adapter that’ll make way for future curation on PowerLoom. We chose Uniswap v2 as it’s the most deployed smart contract in web3 and allows us to support most DEXs (and clones) across multiple EVM chains starting with Ethereum and Polygon PoS.
  2. We are snapshotting data in epoch of 10 blocks on Ethereum mainnet for most tracked pairs on Uniswap v2 and perform overall aggregation services (for eg. daily stats, pair liquidity and trade volumes) on the pairs every 30–40 blocks. There’s no “querying” — everything is ready to be consumed either via API, HTML or raw snapshot data (JSON) on IPFS (archived on Filecoin). As always, cryptographic proof of each datapoint is anchored on Prost network² by the latest iteration of our Audit Protocol³ engine that powers further indexing and auditing/verification services. A detailed technical post will follow soon which will also introduce the first version of our whitepaper as well as functional details of the Uniswap v2 adapter.
  3. The first testnet (Prost) is currently based on a largely unmodified fork of the modular product Polygon edge. We initially researched on building our consensus on Tendermint but Polygon Edge allowed us to bundle other features esp anchor chain for proofs allowing us to go to market faster. This may change to another solution (mostly zk based) in the near future as we build out the final architecture.
  4. Our next phase is to allow “snapshotters” to run the Pooler product and help test consensus and future reward mechanism. We will share a Typeform once we are ready to onboard. Follow us on medium and twitter to get notified.

Do check out uniswapv2.powerloom.io and share your feedback on our Discord or Twitter. We will be adding support for Sushiswap and QuickSwap in the coming weeks with V3 to follow. If you run a similar DEX (Uniswap v2 compatible), reach out to us on hello@powerloom.io to snapshot your data.

— PowerLoom Team

[1]: We have a static list of tracked pairs because this is a PoC and this subsystem would in the future be sourced from the data curation market according to demand. For untracked pairs, official Uniswap page claims USD amounts may be inaccurate in low liquidity pairs or pairs without ETH or stablecoins.

[2]: While we don’t have a public explorer yet, proofs of final summary are also being pushed to Polygon PoS and linked to each snapshot in the UI.

[3] Previous posts on Audit Protocol:



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