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CVP Liquidity Provider Reward Program

Hey, CVP community! So, how you can mine more CVP before the PowerPool mainnet is launched?

Good news for all of our Balancer and Uniswap LPs! All of you were mining CVP since block #10749252 when the Uniswap pool was launched.

Rules of liquidity provision reward program:

  1. LPs are rewarded for each block of liquidity provision. We finally decided to make it this way, don’t do any random snapshots and track it block-by-block;
  2. Four liquidity pools are eligible for rewards: Uniswap, Balancer (95CVP/5WETH), Balancer (10CVP/90WETH), Balancer (50CVP/50WETH);
  3. Current reward: 0.20 CVP/block. Each liquidity pool receives 25% of the overall reward, or 0.05 CVP/block;
  4. At the present moment, rewards are dropped manually to LP wallets. The special smart-contract for staking Uniswap LP and BPT tokens and automatic reward claim will be released soon;
  5. CVP for liquidity provision rewards are taken from the Community Pool and don’t affect CVP allocation for mainnet liquidity mining program;

During the first week (28.08–04.09), 9100 CVP were mined. We’ll distribute it to all Ethereum addresses, which provided liquidity to the mentioned pools. Distribution of the first reward batch will be conducted on Sunday, September 6.

Next week (04.09–11.09), reward allocation is the same, 0.20 CVP/block. Weeks are defined as 45500 Ethereum blocks, so block #10794752 is the first block of the week #2.

Thank you for the CVP liquidity provision!

Discord: https://discord.gg/hYJXUBQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/powerpoolcvp




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