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PowerPool Creativity Contest

DISCLAIMER: PowerPool Creativity Contest is initiated and launched by the Management Board and not by the PowerPool core team. PowerPool Core team will be an equal decision-maker, not the leading one. Please contact DrGonzo#7385 via Discord or use Forum for any questions regarding the contest.

Over the last few months the PowerPool team has been diligently focused on developing and delivering groundbreaking tech at a record pace. Having had an opportunity to come up for air recently, we now understand that this may have come at the expense of marketing, communications, and building a community around our work. To address this, we are pleased to announce the first PowerPool Creativity Competition!

To channel your creativity where it’s needed most, we came up with several “Power Topics”, but you are free to use your own ideas.

As part of our increased focus on marketing and communications we are looking for a crypto-native copywriter and graphic designer. People who shine in this Creativity Competition will likely make for very desirable candidates, so please treat this contest as a test task!

Power Topics

  1. Meta-Governance
  2. PowerPool v2 vision (Unlimited ETF)
  3. Binance Smart Chain Indexes (BSCI & EBSCI)
  4. First Decentralized Index on BSC
  5. YLA Index Explainers: How yield is being generated? Why YLA grows in value?
  6. Indexes outperform the single picks
  7. Why is it smart to invest in Index?
  8. Indices Composition Infographics
  9. Indices performance

You can use your own ideas!

🏆 Categories & Prizes

  • Infographics ($1,500)
  • Video (1,500)
  • Writing ($1,000)
  • Meme/Art ($1,000)

Each category will have five winners.

📊 Infographics and Video (Each):

🥇 1st place: $600
🥈 2nd place: $350
🥉 3rd place: $250
🏅 4th place: $150
🏅 5th place: $150

We expect to see different videos, from guides and reviews, to a fun and catchy video to go viral.

📑 Writing:

🥇 1st place: $400
🥈 2nd place: $250
🥉 3rd place: $150
🏅 4th place: $100
🏅 5th place: $100

The main goal for writing part is to create easy to understand articles and guides highlighting the main advantages of PowerIndex some references:

🖼 Memes/Art:

🏅 Each winner: $200




🔦 On top of that, we are actively looking for a copywriter and a designer. We plan to use this contest to find these people, so treat this contest as a paid interview.

🕵️ Ground Rules

  1. The Management Board and Core team are judging the contest.
  2. Creativity and unique work is favored.
  3. Relation to “Power Topic” gives extra points.
  4. All entries should be related to PowerPool or PowerIndex

📝 Submission Rules

To submit your entry, Tweet your work with:

  1. Hashtags: #PowerPoolContest $CVP #defi
  2. Mentions: @PowerPoolCVP @PowerHouseCVP

We strongly suggest sharing your art and entries in our Discord, in newly created channels under the “Power Pool Contest” category.

⏱ Submissions deadline: 10th of May
🏆 Winners Announcement: 18th of May

💬 Forum Discussion https://gov.powerpool.finance/t/powerpool-creativity-contest/868

Follow PowerPool:

Discord: https://discord.gg/SfcHc6v
Twitter: @powerpoolcvp



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