PowerPool’s Roadmap for 2024

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Multichain deployment, Ecosystem growth, Protocol development, and Research

In 2023, the second version of the PowerAgent smart contract automation network was released for usage by end-users, protocols, and dApps. This process included two successful testnet stages on the Sepolia network, the Gnosis Chain mainnet, the onboarding of the first two Builder Grant recipients, and the launch of the Ethereum mainnet, as well as upcoming deployments on several other EVM networks (Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, etc.).

We plan to continue PowerAgent network expansion at an ever-accelerating pace and set before ourselves ambitious goals that, when completed, will surely expand the scope of PowerPool and bring blockchain ecosystems closer to the fully-automated web3 automated stage.

In this article, we will discuss PowerPool’s future goals in 4 areas of development: PowerAgent deployment, ecosystem growth, core protocol development, and research.

PowerAgent V2 multichain deployment

PowerPool’s primary goal is to continue our multi-chain expansion to progress our vision of automating web3.

As part of our roadmap for 2024, we plan to deploy PowerAgent on the following blockchains:

  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • NeonEVM (Solana)
  • Scroll
  • BNB

To support PowerAgent’s decentralization and reliability, we aimed to onboard many independent Keepers connected to dedicated RPCs on each network. The PowerPool Node Runner Grant program is a well-proven solution that incentivizes node runners with CVP token rewards and airdrops.

We plan to expand the PowerPool infrastructure by establishing ongoing collaboration with the following:
- centralized and decentralized RPC providers to provide PowerAgent v2 keeper node runners with an easy-to-use choice of various reliable RPC services
- MEV protection solutions on different chains to protect Job owners from MEV losses during Job execution.

In addition to the multi-chain expansion, we will focus on continuously optimizing PowerAgent’s operation on new networks and addressing various RPC client network-specific tech issues that may arise with this expansion.

Ecosystem growth

As part of the long-term ecosystem expansion strategy, PowerPool will focus heavily on partnering with protocols and DAOs and assisting them in integrating PowerAgent automation into their products, on-chain strategies, and routine needs.

To foster such collaboration, PowerPool will take aim at the following ecosystem growth activities:

  • Establish long-term partnerships with major L1/L2 ecosystems such as Polygon/Arbitrum/Optimism/Scroll/Linea/Base/BNB as an infrastructure service provider (automation layer). The main goal is to provide automation services to ecosystem projects, hackathon participation, event attendance, information distribution, and co-marketing. As well as providing grants and DAO investments.
  • Participating and sponsoring hackathons and other developer-focused events (online and offline)
  • Engaging and negotiating with protocols and DAOs for PowerAgent integration
  • Providing grants and sponsorship for research/dev communities, podcasts, and dev-focused information outlets
  • Raise brand awareness through publishing content related to the automation narrative and product operation showcases
  • Hosting meetups and sponsoring web3 events.
  • Builder Grants provision to projects and teams that add value to the PowerPool ecosystem
  • Scaling up marketing activities aiming for community growth, including partners’ co-marketing
  • Regular publication of educational materials on PowerPool protocol resources and their distribution
  • Creation of the PowerPool Ambassadors program for distributing educational materials, hosting meetups/events, and building local communities worldwide.

Besides onboarding teams and protocols/DAOs, PowerPool will focus on attracting end-users to apply PowerAgent automation for routine daily tasks like reward claims, fund rearrangements, limit orders, etc.

One of the approaches we plan to use to achieve widespread adoption of PowerAgent by retail users is to launch the Automation Template program.

This program will allow developers to upload their Automation Templates to a PowerPool ecosystem with a proper incentives program.

Core protocol development

PowerPool is constantly evolving, upgrading the code of its core components and adding new functionalities to PowerAgent’s stack.

The following development activities are in our roadmap:

  • Further development of PowerPool protocol based on data analytics results, requirements, and feedback of client protocols, DAOs, and end-users
  • Creating template Jobs for end users (examples are limit orders, DCA, rewards compounding, and others) and deploying them on all supported networks. The particular list of templates is a subject of ongoing work.
  • Develop a RanDAO smart contract and integrate it with the PowerAgent contract. It is required for PowerAgent v2 operation on chains and rollups that don’t contain a source of randomness extracted from the original Ethereum PoS consensus.
  • Upgrade PowerAgent node software to use the RanDAO smart contract mentioned above.
  • Creating the PowerPool Safety Module (CVP staking option serving for protocol insurance)
  • Integrating off-chain Resolvers (with and without zkProofs).
  • Integrating different MEV-protection solutions into the PowerAgent network
  • Continuous improvements for PowerPool dApp, Explorer, and Subgraph

Development of various PowerAgent smart-contract implementations regarding random number generation (possible implementation of Chainlink VRF function), Keeper selection algorithms, slashing, pricing, and testing

Research roadmap

  • Continuously upgrading parameters of the PowerAgent cryptoeconomic model according to the results of operation, Keepers’ income, slashes, and network users’ demand
  • Collecting and data analysis from all supported chains and products operated on top of PowerAgent with public reports publishing, decomposing PowerAgent v2 users/protocols structure and operation results
  • Researching protocols and their architecture for analyzing new automation Jobs, on-chain strategies, and models that can be developed on top of them
  • Data-driven market research regarding automation adoption and demand on various chains/Defi sectors for making ecosystem growth decisions
  • Grants assessment, provision, and execution control
  • Assisting third-party protocols in Job development, onboarding, and integrating them to PowerAgent v2
  • Exploring and developing concepts for new automation primitives
  • Exploring and assessing possible usage of protocols that can be integrated as building blocks or infrastructure services for PowerAgent v2 operation
  • Academic research related to PowerAgent v2 future functionality, including Keeper selection algorithms, staking, slashing, MEV, and ZK

The roadmap published above for all four sections is approximate. It may be updated based on market conditions, adoption of various ecosystem and Defi protocols, new market trends, and any other changes in the web3 landscape.

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