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Press Release: Scammers are Stealing Our Content

We want to thank our followers for paying attention to this incident.

On August 16 one of PowerPool followers sent us a link to a Medium publication of the project called ComboPool (https://medium.com/@ComboDefi). Here is a comparison of articles from the account.

vs Combo Pool article:

2) PowerPool article:

vs Combo Pool article

It is a clear precedent of stealing and we want to warn the crypto and DeFi community to avoid this project. Dishonest behaviour in the industry where the reputation is everything will not bring success to this project in any way but it is our duty to spread the information about ComboPool.

Here’s what we want our community to do:

Due to the open-source nature of blockchain and DeFi in particular, projects like ours can be easily copied by scammers who can collect millions of dollars of user funds.

UPDATE: Their Telegram Group with 1000+ fake users is already deleted. Their Twitter account with one tweet about (false) contract-audit in OpenZeppelin also disappeared.



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