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Korean startups win most CES Innovation Awards ever in 2022

CES is arguably the world’s most influential tech event with companies introducing their newest, most innovative products every year. And last month, over 40,000 people from 119 countries attended.

Along with pitches, booths, networking, and side events, CES has prizes. And the most coveted prizes are the CES Innovation Awards, which honor outstanding design and engineering across multiple categories.

Our results

Receiving a CES Innovation Award is a big deal for companies. That’s why two government organizations (GCCEI and KOTRA) chose PowerPT to help increase the number of Korean CES Innovation Awards winners.

Our team met with 30 Korean startups. We spent days consulting each team and working on their messaging, essay, and application. We also learned that CES received a record-high number of applications this year — including from major corporates like IBM, Philips, and Samsung. In the end, 12 of our teams received CES Innovation Awards — an amazing 40% success rate. That number helped South Korea achieve a record number of CES Innovation Awards in 2022 — in fact, 22% of all awards.

We were honored to have had the opportunity to work with these amazing founders. Congrats to the winning teams:

3djun, Dotheal, HDVISION, Innerbottle, LetinAR, LooxidLabs, Luxlab, Macroact, Olive Healthcare, Supertone, VisualCamp, and WATA.

PowerPT loves startups

Helping startups is our bread and butter. Does your organization want to help startups grow and find global success? We probably have a program that fits your needs. Reach out to us at innovations@powerpt.co.kr or check out our startup pitch website at www.podiumstar.org.



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