Columbus, Ohio: startup city

Reason #1 Columbus is good for business: resources

There are a lot of things Columbus, Ohio is known for. Food from the quaint German Village, our football culture (not to mention OSU itself), and even the science museum COSI. But, when you think Columbus, do you think business? Specifically startups?

Columbus has a great business culture. Studies in the past have ranked us low in small-business creation. But, what we excel in is business growth.

A study from the Kauffman Foundation found that more startups in Columbus employ 50 or more people in their first 10 years than other metropolitan areas in the country. Once businesses get up and running here, they continue to grow.

So. Why is Columbus great for startups? Why do they grow exponentially?

One reason is the cache of nearby resources. Within the metropolitan area, there is a wealth of opportunities to find working space, funding, and mentoring. To highlight just two:

Columbus Idea Foundry

The Columbus Idea Foundry is a community workshop. Members gain access to workshops, classes, and tools to start their businesses. At the Idea Foundry, startups can find excellent workspace and mentoring.

Rev1 Ventures

Rev1 helps the ideas of today grow into the companies of tomorrow. They cultivate an environment conducive to networking, provide funding, working space, and mentoring for young businesses.

Interested in more small business resources? Check out this link.

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