Schools: leading the way for efficiency

Students and staff are stepping up.

All around the country, schools are stepping up to the energy efficiency plate. They’re recognizing their weaknesses and expenses. And, they’re looking to sustainability efforts to save money and provide an example.

Students at Milford High School are performing energy audits with the help of an energy company, Practical Energy Solutions.

Several New York colleges have pledged to reduce their carbon emissions, and are looking to state funding for these initiatives.

13 schools in western Kentucky have been recognized by the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence for their new Energy Star certification.

An entire school district in Colorado is pursuing sustainability programs.

Some, like the Trotwood-Madison city schools, are already reaping the benefits of their efforts.

All across the country, educational institutes are doing just what they should: educating. Educating students, and setting an example for local communities to look to.

The changes mean upgrading old equipment, retrofitting buildings, looking at new technologies, and providing better learning environments. And, ultimately, they mean reducing energy spending across the board.

It was businesses that led the way for the world in regards to sustainability. Now, as we can see, others are following suit. We’re proud to be living in an age where so many are pursuing sustainability and energy efficiency!

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