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Why smart tech is more than cool

But don’t take OUR word for it…

In the world of smart technology, Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) are rising in the ranks of importance. In the past few years, they have gone from an interesting concept to a vital tool. Why, you might ask? Because users are recognizing that the technology produces needed data, and can improve brand imaging and processes.

Why else? Well, because EMIS are just super cool.

Relevant data is great

Why do people like Google Maps (and if you don’t, just pick a different driving app)? It’s not because they give good driving tips in general. It isn’t because they tell you:

“Hey, take less left turns during your trip for safer travels!” Or,

“Driving on the freeway is a more efficient way to reach a destination 15min+ away.”

That’s cute. But it’s not all that useful, is it? What if my trip increases by 10min if I don’t take left turns? Or what if traffic is really heavy on the freeway right now, and it would actually be faster to take side roads?

We like these real time driving apps not for some general advice. We like them because they use actual data, and report what’s relevant to our trip. They tell us about traffic in our area, and fastest routes. The information matters to us. The data is current. The end result is that we’re informed, and know what to do.

Lately, people are realizing that energy management and information systems are doing the same job. Except, with energy instead. These pieces of technology — whichever market you’re looking at — give property owners relevant, up to date data they can leverage.

The tech doesn’t get them to their destination faster; it helps them manage their buildings more efficiently. It doesn’t report on highway traffic; it informs on appliance misuse and malfunctions.

And that’s more than just cool: it’s necessary. Whether you’re running a factory, renting an office space, or managing an apartment, you need to know what’s going on around your property. Before something malfunctions.

What’s important? Efficient processes. And brand image

This smart tech has become vital to building owners. After all, costs of electricity have increased quite a bit since even the early 2000s. A need is seen to bring costs down.

So, for building owners — commercial and multifamily — this technology is vital because it allows them to run their buildings more efficiently. They know what’s broken, what needs checked on, how much energy is used, and where they can afford to cut back. Nothing catches them by surprise on the bill. And they can see where they need to improve use. Most smart tech will even guide them toward better performance.

Besides the obvious savings opportunities, there’s also the matter of brand imaging, which has led to successful adoption of this technology. For commercial buildings and multifamily especially, brand is important to retaining clientele. And these days, it’s important to clients that their favorite companies or place of residence care about efficiency and climate change. Plus, the plug can always be made for saving money, too.

Greater understanding

A McKinsey survey (2011) shows that more and more users of this tech are understanding the impact of sustainability. And, they’re recognizing the growth opportunities made possibly by efficiency.

The tech is here. It’s cool. It’s useful (and I think we can all agree that’s the most important feature).

So. Why not give it a look yourself?