How To Use the Vodcast Feature Correctly

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As most of you are probably already aware, Twitch just launched a new feature called Vodcasts to their platform a short time ago.

In short, Vodcasts are a tool that streamers can use to rebroadcast some of their older streams, while actually appearing “live” to their followers.

It’s certainly different.

And since Vodcasts have been out, it’s been tough for some streamers trying to figure out the best ways to use it.

Not only that, but some people are having trouble grasping the aspect of a stream appearing as live…but it’s not actually live.

So let’s clear it up, shall we?

When streaming a Vodcast to Twitch, there are a few important things that you must do to ensure a successful experience for your viewers.

For one, be sure to include in your title that you are NOT LIVE.

One of the most common problems that streamers are having when using Vodcasts is that viewers are getting confused on whether the broadcast is live or not.

They might be chatting to the streamer, or they might even donate, only to realize that their notifications aren’t popping up.

Causing this sort of confusion is never a good thing.

The solution? Make it loud and clear near the beginning of your title that you aren’t live.

This is probably the most important thing you can do to minimize the confusion that might pop up around your Vodcasts.

Notice, I made it clear that you should let your viewers know at the beginning of your title that you’re not live. And that’s a really important detail to remember!

Having “Not Live” at the end of a title that’s longer than Moby Dick isn’t going to do squat to minimize confusion.

Other than that, be sure that if you tweet out your Vodcast, make it just as apparent there that you’re not actually live.

Secondly, it’s important to hang out in the chat while you Vodcast.

Think about this for a second:

“Why do you stream instead of making YouTube videos?”

The answer is probably that you like the live interaction with viewers a lot more than talking to yourself.

Now put yourself in your viewer’s shoes. Why do you think that they’re watching Twitch instead of YouTube?

Because they like the interaction Twitch provides.

That’s why it’s super important that you provide that interaction to your viewers through the chatroom while you Vodcast.

Whether you’re sitting at your desk at work, or you’re on your lunch break, you better be on your phone checking chat messages!

Not only will this give you a chance to connect with viewers on a different level than if you were responding through the stream, but it will also give you the opportunity to reach out to viewers who are confused about the Vodcast and clear up their confusion.

Thirdly, you should focus on streaming VODs that are unique.

Choosing the correct VODs to restream is a great way to keep the viewers engaged and entertained during your Vodcast.

At the end of the day, we all watch Twitch streams for the interaction (like I mentioned before), but more simply, to be entertained.

With Vodcasts, you’re able to manufacture entertainment on a different level than with a live broadcast.

What do I mean by this?

Well, for one, you probably have a pretty good idea of some incredibly funny or interesting streams that have happened in the past.

So what better choice is there for choosing which VODs to restream?

When choosing your VODs you want to restream, I suggest you look at a few different aspects of the video:

1. Does the VOD have a lot of funny highlights?

2. Does the VOD contain an awesome or interesting event you hosted in the past?

3. Is the VOD special or out of the ordinary in some way? (For instance, one of the best uses of a Vodcast that I’ve seen to this date is by DansGaming. Dan used the Vodcast featured to go back in time to 2013 and restream some gameplay footage of L.A. Noire to fans who weren’t around to see it for themselves. This was an awesome way for viewers to see how far Dan has come in his stream, and to compare the older streams with the newer.)

If any of your VODs fit those criteria, I’d say you’re good to go.

And finally, you should always take advantage of the alternate uses for Vodcasts.

Believe it or not, Vodcasts have a ton of uses other than just restreaming old videos of yourself for s**ts and giggles.

Here are a list of our favorite things do with the new Vodcast feature:

1. Use Vodcasts to recap a game playthrough. Sometimes, when you’re streaming a great story-centered game like Skyrim or L.A. Noire, viewers can get just as invested in the story and gameplay as you can. There’s nothing worse than missing out on watching your favorite streamer complete the story of a great game because you had to get a routine colonoscopy. So throw a Vodcast up of your latest in-game moments to catch up viewers who had to miss out!

2. Recap a tournament that you played in, or rebroadcast a charity stream. I know that most of you guys are into competitive gaming and eSports. In today’s day and age, there are a ton of sites that allow you to participate in different tournaments for your favorite game, and viewers love to see recaps of your plays during that time if they missed out before. Furthermore, there’s nothing better than spreading the word of an awesome charity that you’ve been a part of. So be sure to rebroadcast those charity streams to get the maximum number of impressions.

3. Prep your stream with a Vodcast. Throughout the past couple of years on Twitch, the “Starting Soon” screen has been commonplace for streamers to use when getting ready for the day’s broadcast. But what if you could replace the “Starting Soon” screen with a past broadcast your viewers can watch while you get ready? Next time you are planning the stream, start broadcasting an old VOD and see how your viewers respond.

4. Fill in the void of a missed cast. We all miss streams every once and a while due to unseen circumstances. If you can’t make your scheduled stream for the day, throw on an interesting Vodcast to fill in the void until you can stream again.

Whether you love it or hate it, I think it’s important to know the best practices if you do decide to Vodcasts for your stream.

We hope that this post helps you when planning and using the new Vodcast feature on Twitch!

Know someone who frequently uses Vodcasts? Feel free to send them this post! It might help them step up their game to be as good as you at streaming.

And finally, do you have any suggestions or cool ideas for your Vodcast? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll throw your suggestions in the post! (With your permission, that is.)

Thanks again for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

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