Aaron Marsden
Jul 3, 2017 · 8 min read

It finally happened.

This week, Twitch announced that everyone who earned affiliate status now has a subscriber button for their channel, as well as custom emote slots.

It’s great to see Twitch giving some love to the streamers that are working their way up. And I’m sure every one of you are more motivated than ever to continue your streaming journey for the years to come.

But I’m sure you’re even more excited to start getting subscribers!

With the addition of the sub button, affiliate streamers now have another avenue of support from their viewers and fans who watch them on a day to day basis. And that’s great!

However, having a sub button is a bigger responsibility than you might think.

When someone subs to you, they’re giving you their money monthly because they love your content. In a way, you’re now in debt to your subscribers.

Scary, huh?

Furthermore, if you’re serious about taking your stream to the next level and earning a decent side income, you need to focus not only on how to get more subscribers, but how to keep them.

It’s easy for someone to hit the “Subscribe” button with their Twitch prime free sub. But what’s keeping them from using it on another channel next month?

This is the question all affiliated streamers need to have an answer to.

But don’t panic! There are a ton of things you can do as a streamer keep your subscriber base strong.

To start,

Be consistent.

You’ve all heard this piece of advice before from a mentor or blog post. It’s everywhere.

However, consistency is important in other ways than just keeping viewers coming back to your channel. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of keeping subscribers, well, subscribed.

Think of it this way:

Viewers who subscribe to your channel are giving you their money because they like to see your content. They feel as though they can count on you to be there day after day to provide them with entertainment.

Now, what do you think would happen if you stopped showing up to the stream?

Staying subscribed to a streamer that’s inactive or has a wacky schedule is like paying for an Amazon Prime subscription, but never ordering anything from Amazon. There really isn’t much of a point.

If you’re not consistently in your viewer’s ‘Following’ feeds or interacting with them on social channels, they’re going to start forgetting about you (more on this in a second).

And when they start to forget about you, there’s good chance that they’re going to cancel their subscription. I know it sounds harsh, but your subscribers are supporting your stream. Not the lack of your stream.

Secondly, you need to interact with your subscribers.

A great way to keep your subscribers loyal is to interact with them daily.

By now, there’s a good chance that you already have some form of contact with your viewers outside of the stream (Discord, TeamSpeak, etc.)

But you’ve got a sub button now!

With the addition of your sub button, it’s important that you take every channel that you use to interact with your regular viewers and make a separate one for subscribers only.

Creating a space where your subscribers feel welcome is going to be hugely important for nurturing proper relationships with them. Plus, it’s just human nature to enjoy a space you feel is exclusive.

Another great way to interact with subs is on social media.

Here’s something to try:

At the end of the day, take time to reach out to your new subscribers to see if they have any social media platforms they use. Then, round up a Twitter List or Facebook group full of your subscribers.

Once you have this list, all you have to do is interact with them.

Take some time out of every day to respond to your subs and interact on their everyday posts. Whether that be responding to a tweet, retweeting something they post, sharing their posts on your Facebook, or something similar. Doing this will establish a connection between viewer and streamer like none other.

Thirdly, you must give back to your subscribers.

Giving back to your subscribers is perhaps one of the best ways that you can form an awesome relationship with your subscribers.

I know what you’re probably thinking:

“If I’m providing excellent entertainment to my viewers and subscribers, isn’t that enough in itself to keep them coming back?”

Definitely. Entertainment is key.

But what if there was something more? This is where giving back can play a huge role.

You get a car! — http://imgur.com/gallery/JNhU5Tt

There are a ton of ways that you can give back to the people that support you. Try some of these for yourself:

  • Every month, schedule a day where you give away something that is related to your stream. It could be a copy of the main game that you play, an in-game currency card, or literally anything else.

(p.s. If you’re not sure where to get your subscriber’s addresses, frequently remind new subs to join a sub discord channel and ask them!)

Not only will giving back create an incentive for subscribers to stick around, it will also show them how much you appreciate them supporting you. Because sometimes, it’s difficult to give weight to your words in such a depersonalized setting.

(p.s. #2: You want to make sure that you have a way for everyone to enter your giveaways, as some legal troubles can appear in some states if you don’t take this step. A great site to use it gleam.io)

Fourthly (that sounds weird), you should remember your subscriber’s names.

A lot of the points in this post lead to the same conclusion: You should try your best to make a personal connection with your subscribers.

One of the best ways that you can do this for free is to simply remember your subscriber’s names.


As your stream starts to grow, your viewers are going to feel more and more like they are a part of a crowd as opposed to individuals. This is just inevitable.

The best way to prevent this is to get as personal as possible.

Every time someone subscribers to your channel, make a mental note of their name. Have you seen them in the chat before? Are they a new viewer in your channel? Have they donated before?

When they subscribe, these are all some things that you can mention to them to show them that you care about them being in your channel.

On top of this, remembering a subscriber’s name allows you to welcome them back to your channel when they talk in the chat, among other things. I know it sounds small, but it plays a huge part in establishing a great relationship.

According to Dale Carnegie, one of the best things you can do is remember everyone’s name you come across.

He says it best himself:

“The average person is more interested in their own name than in all the other names in the world put together.” People love their names so much that they will often donate large amounts of money just to have a building named after themselves. We can make people feel extremely valued and important by remembering their name.”

But you get the point.

Lastly, keep providing awesome content.

At the end of the day, your subscribers are giving you their money because they love your content. And that feels great.

Like I said before: In a way, you’re now in debt to your subscribers (and viewers) to provide content that will blow their socks off.

That’s why it’s important that you’re always attempting to be on the top of your game.

Sure, you’re going to have off days. That’s fine.

But I recommend that every day before you start streaming, you tell yourself how important it is that you be your best self and provide the best content possible. It will do great for keeping your expectations for yourself high.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to always be searching for ways to improve. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you’re growing as a streamer and that you’re going to provide better and better content to keep them coming back day after day.

And that’s all she wrote.

If there’s one thing to take away from this post, it’s that personalization is key.

Whether that be remembering your viewers names, interacting with them on social media, or doing something special for them every month. If you start to implement some of these tactics, the results you’ll see will blow you away.

Lastly, before I go, I want you to know that it’s not the end of the world if you lose a subscriber. It’s going to happen. If it does, don’t get down on yourself. Just keep trying your best and you’ll be fine.

I hope that the info in this post will help you to grow your relationships and take your stream to the next level!

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Thanks for reading!


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