Flee the Hidden Bondage of U.S. Tyranny Today: Freedom in Five Minutes for Free

A sea of laws deny you the promised land of the U.S. Constitution. That sea can be parted, right here, right now. Here’s how.

The promise of the U.S. Constitution is just five minutes away.

Laws are the difference between tyranny, a failed state and freedom. The most powerful lawmaking force in the U.S. is called a whip, as in “majority whip.” Like most Americans, you probably know little about how powerful political whips really are or how they work BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ONE OR CREATE ONE! That’s right. The most powerful force in the lawmaking process and you’re not allowed to use it. This article will show you how to be free to create or be part of a whip in support of anything you want without any legal limits, right here, right now in just five minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, the U.S. Constitution is about to get real. If you are a U.S. resident, you will also get free money today to use with your new freedom, you just have to say “ok.”

Breaking free is as simple as crossing the Red Sea after it’s been parted. If you just want to be free and you don’t care how it’s done, you can be free in five minutes by following the instructions here. Unfortunately, if you do this and skip reading this article you will have no way of knowing what just happened and you’ll be pretty much alone because you’ll be among the first in the country to be free.

Your path to freedom was designed by this author who is a CPA. The strategy for freeing you is very similar to that used on tax returns and SEC financial statements: What’s the most profitable way for people to gain as much freedom as possible from financial rules and regulations without breaking the law?

The Red Sea of American Tyranny

You are blocked from freedom by a fairly well hidden law (52 U.S. Code § 30101(4) and the state equivalents) controlling the creation of political whips. If you follow politics much, you are probably familiar with the title “Majority Whip.” This is the person who makes the majority leader the most powerful elected official after chief executives like the President or governors. The whip phenomenon is such a powerful force that even these official ones are highly regulated.

Though the definition of a whip is publicly available, very little about how they work is. Their mechanics are fairly secret with most of the action occurring behind closed doors. A lot can be gleaned just from the name though. A cowboy wielding one whip that is powerful enough to be a threat to just one cow can drive an entire herd. The cowboy doesn’t need to give the cattle any gifts nor does he need to actually beat them. The crack of the whip proves what the cowboy can do and that’s all he needs.

With the power of a whip, you will be free to eliminate all the other areas of tyranny since the lawmaking process controls all law. Freedom to create a whip means you would have no need for donating money, trying to influence the news media or even finding lots of people to support you. All you need is a whip bigger than those in opposition and you will win just by forming the whip.

If you’re worried about corporations, unions and the super wealthy getting a hold of this freedom and overpowering you, they have different regulations. This plan won’t help them. Since lawmaking power is a zero sum game, giving you more power also means these elites end up with less.

The Parting of the American Red Sea

Creating a whip does take money even if that money never needs to be spent. Money is what makes the threat of the whip real. Just like manna from heaven, you will be gifted the money you need to create or participate in your first whip.

Once you have your money, the key to forming a legally free whip is to prove how much you would seriously consider spending in support of political action. This must be done in a way that you retain control of the money. The law is very strict on you retaining control so any kind of promise or contract to use the money for purposes of the whip would be a violation. Let’s call meeting this high legal standard “proving without promising.”

Once you prove without promising, you then just need to take advantage of your God given freedom of speech and press to join with others in forming a political whip. You remain an individual and avoid becoming a Political Action Committee (PAC) under campaign finance law. PAC’s are not allowed to form whips.

How to Prove Without Promising and Make a Whip

In order to prove without promising and create a whip, you need a very simple service that has three features in addition to giving you money.

First, the service needs to take a deposit of this money in support of the political action that you want. This proves the amount that you are willing to set aside for your cause. This must be done in a way that the deposit is still entirely yours and can be withdrawn at any time.

Second, this service needs to provide you a subscription to a publication that you will probably never receive. It must be specially designed to cause the pain of a good lashing to any lawmaker targeted. This will be a lashing that is free of the regulations that have in the past protected lawmakers from whips, so this will be a lashing like the world has never seen before. It’s a lashing that none but the strongest lawmakers could politically survive. This is what gives the whip it’s power; but, just like a good cowboy never lashes the cattle, this is power that should never be spent. To accomplish this, this subscription must include returning your deposit with advice from a person whom you would trust on your issue. In other words, a fundraising letter that includes the money being asked for.

Again, you will likely never receive this letter, but if you did, your leader could use it to target a lawmaker for defeat by telling you why and how to give the included money to the lawmaker’s strongest opponent during the next election. Any giving that results should be charged against your individual account and not the account of any centralized group. This should free you from PAC campaign finance limits that prevent groups from wielding whips that could cause the defeat of a lawmaker. Your whip will have no limit.

Finally, the service needs to create a forum for publicly cracking the whip. This can be done on the service’s web page by reporting the totals of the “votes” it has on deposit in support of various political demands and leaders. The service then interviews leaders by asking them what plans they have for advising their supporters and reports back the results again on its web page. In this way leaders can appeal for more support and they can target specific lawmakers and thereby crack the whip over their heads.

See it in Action

This author has created the service described above and it is currently the only service of its kind available in the world. You can see it here.


Freedom from U.S. Tyranny Today

James A. Todaro, former CPA

Written by

Founder of PowerVote, Freedom from U.S. Tyranny in Just Five Minutes



Freedom from U.S. Tyranny Today

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