Powin and Amp Partner on Portfolio of Solar + Storage Projects in New England

Oct 5, 2020 · 3 min read

Flexible DC-Coupled Technology Provides Efficient Deployment of Solar + Storage Assets

Tualatin, OR, (October 5th, 2020) — Today Powin Energy Corporation (Powin), a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe and scalable battery energy storage solutions announced that it will supply its products to a portfolio of four solar+storage projects under development by Amp, a global renewable energy infrastructure company. This portfolio represents Powin’s first projects incorporating its proprietary DC-coupled solar + storage solution, offering Amp best-in-class cost, reliability, and solar production. The projects are located in Massachusetts and construction is projected to start in early 2021.

Powin’s DC-coupled architecture incorporates Dynapower DC/DC converters to charge the batteries with solar energy as it is generated without incurring the conversion losses typical in conventional AC-coupled solar + storage solutions. The flexible solution is designed to work with PV inverters from multiple vendors and ensures maximal production and utility of solar across a range of use cases, including solar shifting, low voltage harvesting, and clipping recapture — while also adding critical grid reliability benefits. Powin’s advanced control and integration software platform, StackOS, brings automated and instantaneous decision making to the projects and ensures the optimal dispatch of both the solar and storage assets. Powin’s DC-coupled solution can utilize its own optimization platform, one provisioned by a third party, or a combination of the two.

Coupled with solar, energy storage can smooth electricity prices through arbitrage, manage evening energy ramps, mitigate the risk of curtailment, support ancillary services, and more. SEIA, along with its members and allies, have set an ambitious goal titled the “Solar+ Decade” whereby solar energy will comprise 20% of all U.S. electricity generation by 2030. Storage is expected to be crucial in reaching this goal.

Geoff Brown, President of Powin, said, “Solar + storage is the future of clean energy and Amp is at the forefront of this emerging trend. We are honored to work with an industry leader like Amp, while integrating leading technology from Dynapower. We believe this partnership will demonstrate a solution that creates lasting value for Massachusetts’ energy consumers, and lead the power generation industry to a clean future.”

“Powin has been a great partner in developing these projects and this joint solution” said Jared Donald, Amp’s SVP in charge of the US market. “Amp’s development portfolio of energy storage, both standalone and paired with solar, has increased dramatically in the last year, and it is forming a critical part of our continuing strategy around the world.”

About Powin:

Powin Energy Corporation is a market leader in the design and manufacture of modular battery energy storage systems for utility applications. We supply the software and hardware to the growing volume of next generation energy storage projects that will transform the grid, enable high levels of renewable generation and put conventional generators out of business. Powin is one of a handful of companies that provides the equipment needed to make this happen. To date, Powin has been awarded 2.9 GWh of projects, with an additional 319 MWh currently in construction, and another 225 MWh in operation. Powin’s journey is just beginning — if you are interested in learning more please visit www.powin.com.

About Amp: Amp is a renewable energy infrastructure platform company. Founded in 2009, we have become one of the leading global renewables companies with a 1.5 GW proven track record of assets developed and built, alongside a further 2.0 GW and 2.2 GWh of assets in construction and late-stage development in our Real Assets division. With the addition of our fully-integrated flexibility division, Amp X, Amp has emerged as a highly differentiated and unique leader in the energy transition happening globally. Based in Canada, with operations throughout North America, Japan, Australia, India, the UK and Czech Republic, our international team brings deep expertise and thought leadership to every aspect of the energy industry. At Amp, we power change. For more information, please visit www.amp.energy



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