An Overview of JavaScript Testing in 2017

Vitali Zaidman
Apr 19, 2017 · 17 min read
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***** Important update: ****

A new version of this guide was released.

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Test Types

Test Tools Types

describe('calculator', function() {  // describes a module with nested "describe" functions
describe('add', function() {
// specify the expected behavior
it('should add 2 numbers', function() {
//Use assertion functions to test the expected behavior
// Chai expect
// Jasmine expect
// Chai assert
assert.typeOf(foo, 'string')
assert.equal(foo, 'bar')
// Unexpected expect
expect(foo, 'to be a', 'string')
expect(foo, 'to be', 'bar')
it('should call method once with the argument 3', () => {
const spy = sinon.spy(object, 'method')
spy.withArgs(3) object.method(3) assert(spy.withArgs(3).calledOnce)
sinon.stub(user, 'isValid').returns(true) // SinonspyOn(user, 'isValid').andReturns(true) // Jasmine
it('resolves with the right name', done => {  const stub = sinon.stub(User.prototype, 'fetch')
.resolves({ name: 'David' })

.then(user => {
it('returns an object containing all users', done => {  const server = sinon.fakeServer.create()  server.respondWith('GET', '/users', [
{ 'Content-Type': 'application/json' },
'[{ "id": 1, "name": "Gwen" }, { "id": 2, "name": "John" }]'
.done(collection => {
const expectedCollection = [
{ id: 1, name: 'Gwen' },
{ id: 2, name: 'John' }
expect(collection.toJSON()).to.eql(expectedCollection) done()

it('renders correctly', () => {
const linkInstance = (
<Link page="">Facebook</Link>
const tree = renderer.create(linkInstance).toJSON() expect(tree).toMatchSnapshot()
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Putting it All Together

***** Important update: ****

A new version of this guide for was released.

List of General Prominent Testing Tools

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Choose Your Framework

// "describe" is in the global scope already
// so no these require lines are not required:
// const jasmine = require('jasmine')
// const describe = jasmine.describe
describe('calculator', function() {

Unit Tests

Integration Tests

Functional Tests

describe('login form', () => {  before(() => {
return driver.navigate().to('')
it('autocompletes the name field', () => { driver.findElement(By.css('.autocomplete'))
driver.wait(until.elementLocated(By.css('.suggestion'))) driver.findElement(By.css('.suggestion')).click() return driver.findElement(By.css('.autocomplete'))
.then(inputValue => {
expect(inputValue).to.equal('John Doe')

after(() => {
return driver.quit()
Feature: A reader can share an article to social networks
As a reader
I want to share articles
So that I can notify my friends about an article I liked
Scenario: An article was opened
Given I'm inside an article
When I share the article
Then the article should change to a "shared" state
module.exports = function() {
this.Given(/^I'm inside an article$/, function(callback) {
// functional testing tool code
this.When(/^I share the article$/, function(callback) {
// functional testing tool code

this.Then(/^the article should change to a "shared" state$/, function(callback) {
// functional testing tool code



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