AdText Branches

One of the functions that was preceded by months of hard work focused on details. Dozens of iterations before we released the beta version to be tested by our client. And then even more iterations and fine-tuning. This is the “AdText Branches” function, which you can imagine as two tiered pots where the water flows from one pot to the other on the basis of a hierarchy designated by yourself.

And now imagine you can have an unlimited number of these pots — of the AdTexts that can be organized within this hierarchy. You can create an entire tree of AdTexts interlinked and passing your products among themselves. Come and see how to plant such an advertising tree and how to make an entire orchard of it!

What are AdText Branches about?

Basic idea of the whole thing is to help you prioritize and control advertisements and products assigned to them.

Within the conditions specified in your AdText, you can easily have a number of products in your campaign having no AdText assigned. And then it’s quite complicated to check and avoid it.


Let’s create an AdText with a condition that determines it will only be generated for 30 % of products in your product campaign. Under these circumstances, the remaining 70 % of the products would have no ad text. However, you have this conditional AdText associated with another AdText that is general and applies to all products.

Based on this hierarchy, PPC Bee can automatically prioritize the most appropriate AdText for each product.

Another Use

You will also benefit from AdText branches if you use time limits. Once the specified period is over and the AdText is no longer active for the products, a subordinate AdText in the hierarchy will be automatically assigned and displayed.

PPC Bee Checks for You

If you create an AdText and some products will not be assigned to it, we will warn you and by a single click you can create additional AdText for the remaining products.

How to Set the Branches?

Setting branches works on a drag & drop basis. Click the AdText and drag it to the desired location — either to the appropriate position in the AdText hierarchy, or to a separate place.

You can then edit this hierarchy. You can change superiority, or remove any AdText from a branch so that it works separately without any dependency on others.

The AdText branch may then look like this

We can see 3 ads in the image.

The total number of products in the campaign is 277.

The first ad (top one) is generated for all products in stock (273). Those that are not in stock (4 products) are moved to the next ad where shipping is free (2 products). The two remaining products then fall into the last ad, which is general.

Learn More in AdText Statement

In addition to the number of products that belong to individual AdTexts, you can also see the number of conditions that you have set in the yellow box. When you hover over them, you’ll see a list of specific conditions (the screen shot illustrates a condition for products with a price equal to or greater than 10).

Copying the Entire Branch

With the introduction of AdText branches, we have one more good news for you.

Many of our clients like our AdText templates. They allow you to duplicate one AdText from one campaign to other campaigns.

We have not forgotten this feature even in connection to branches. Thus, you are able to duplicate entire branches, your entire hierarchy of AdText as a whole into another campaign within your organization. Or even multiple campaigns at once. Just click the new icon next to the normal duplication and then select the campaigns to copy the branch into.

As a result, we will not only make managing your product campaigns easier for you, but once again, we have accelerated your work with PPC Bee to a higher level!

We are looking forward to your feedback that is especially important to us in this case. We are interested in whether you use branches, how useful they are and how you like working with them. As always, we are expecting your comments at