Bulk copying of templates into product campaigns

Another feature requested by one of our clients has been released! This time we managed to implement — in record time — a function that will ensure working with AdTexts templates is even faster.

Templates for AdTexts aren’t new for PPC Bee, so if you’d like to know how to create them, check out this article. So, what exactly have we changed?

Firstly, we have added an AdText template bookmark in the basic overview. And just as you were used to duplicating product campaigns in an organization (or an AdText in a product campaign), you can now duplicate templates as well. In one simple step you can choose all the product campaigns that the template should contain.

Simply select all the relevant templates that you would like to send to the product campaigns and click on the duplicate button.

Next, you will see a window where you can choose the product campaigns to copy to the templates — just confirm using the ‘insert’ button.

In the next step, a window will display with the option of clicking either directly onto a template in the campaign, or on the campaign itself.

We believe that this new feature will make working with PPC Bee even easier.

Do you have any other ideas that could help you work with PPC Bee? We would love to discuss them with you. Contact us at info@ppcbee.com.