FAQs — The Christmas Edition!

Our support team receives many different questions. Despite that, we’ve managed to put together a couple of those that were asked by multiple clients and which might be of interest to others at some time in the future.

I can’t rename my campaign under the Hierarchy tab; how can I change the name?

If you can’t rename the campaign under the Hierarchy tab, it means that the name probably contains a variable. If that’s the case, it’s unfortunately not possible to rename the campaign after it was synchronized. The same goes for campaigns whose name includes the underscore character — here, PPC Bee also thinks it’s a variable.

The only way you can edit the name is to duplicate the campaign, rename it as necessary, synchronize it, and delete the original one so that there’s no duplicate in your ad systems. If you really need to have the underscore character in the name, you can replace it with ### which will be automatically turned into _ , preventing the issue from occurring.

I can’t upload the data feed; the “data feed empty” warning always pops up. What can I do about it?

In most cases, the issue is either that there’s no product_ID, products don’t have unique IDs assigned, some of the XML feed parameters have a new name, the container has changed… Wherever the problem lies, contact our support team and ask them to resolve it.

How can I transfer all the sub-organization payments to my super-organization?

Very easily. If you have full user rights, go to the ‘Subordinate Organization” settings where you’ll find the ‘Subscription’ section with the ‘connected payments’ function — a single click will transfer the payment obligation to your superior organization. You can learn more here.

If you have any question that is left unanswered, do not hesitate to reach our support team at support@ppcbee.com; they will be happy to help you. And perhaps your question will be featured in the following month’s FAQ article and help many others! :)