How did we enjoy the E-business Forum 2017?

In the last blog post, you were able to look under the hood and find out more about how the boys enjoyed WebExpo 2017. To ensure the PPC Bee ladies didn’t fall behind, they attended the E-business Forum 2017 conference. This year’s edition was in the spirit of: “Not stagnating, expanding!”

The first guest of the conference was Tomáš Braveman from Heureka Shopping, whose presentation was focused on the theme, “Could I earn money by expanding to a foreign market?”.

Basically, it was an intro for e-shoppers who are considering expansion and gave detailed insight into the current events in the field of European e-commerce business.

Following this, Vít Endler ( introduced to us his five tips for the successful management of a multinational company. What does he think we should work on? He advised not to forget about motivation, communication, goals, support, and control. We also have to think about the fact that goals should always be SMART.

Subsequently, Jan Vratný from Google (soon to be NOTINO) took the floor and presented the survey of the largest online exporters in the German, US and Czech markets.

A very interesting speech titled, “Growth and expansion on a regulation market of pharmacy” was prepared by Michal Hanáček ( He disclosed Pilulka’s intentions to come to the market with a new mobile application that will not only be first of its kind in pharmaceutical business, but also quite unique in the European market.

Source: Twitter APEK

If you are interested in how satisfied Michal is with PPC Bee, you can check this out:

After a presentation by Petra Plemlová (Unuodesign), we struggled to contain our emotions. Petra’s speech was very motivational and we took off our hat to her because she was able to build a successful business while being a single mother in a difficult life situation.

Tomáš Čupr ( allowed us to look into his leadership style during his presentation on the theme, “Fast growth correctly”. He revealed a secret of prosperous teamwork: communication, synchronization, the desire to learn new things and move on, and last but not least, a huge portion of prioritization in connection with peace of mind and stress resistance.

Overall, the E-business Forum 2017 provided us a wide and very interesting summary of relevant topics related to the growth and expansion of e-commerce business, both abroad and locally.

Expansion is one of the main goals by the end of this year — and next — for PPC Bee. We have taken our first steps in Hungary, and we are soon going to travel to Bucharest, Romania. However, you can look forward to it next time :)

Marlene a Hanka.

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