Pausing Product Groups in the System

How did it work before?

Your e-shop ran out of a specific product or you simply stopped selling it. This information got to PPC Bee through syncing the data feed and this product was marked as paused here. However, it was removed completely from the AdWords and Sklik systems. Thus, when the product started to be sold again, a brand new group was created for it in AdWords and Sklik. This resulted sometimes in even thousands of unused groups and campaigns, which was highly confusing.

How does it work now?

The initial scenario is the same: you stop selling a product. In PPC Bee, the respective group is paused. With one significant difference: in AdWords, the group is also paused. When you start selling the product again, the paused group is resumed in both, PPC Bee as well as AdWords.

In Sklik, the group is marked as deleted and after reloading the product from feed and synchronizing PPC Bee with Sklik, the group is resumed as well.

What does the change bring about?

Although there seems to be nothing new in PPC Bee at the first glance, it is a fundamental change in the background, which brings the following:

  • Clear accounts. You will not have to wade through garbage of groups and campaigns that were removed and you are not going to use them ever again.
  • History of statistics is retained for the product.

This change was implemented at the initiative of one of our clients. We are happy to streamline your work with PPC Bee. If you also have an idea of what you miss in PPC Bee or you would like to have it there, let us know at