PPC Bee as a Tool for Categorized Campaigns

It is clear that PPC Bee is a powerful tool for creating and managing product
campaigns. But have you ever thought of using it in yet another way? Maybe to create campaigns targeting at a larger set of products?

When is it a good idea?

  • My e-shop has many categories.
  • My e-shop offers goods with not very specific product names and their searchability does not entirely match the long tail concept.

What do I need to use it?

As with product campaigns — the only thing you’ll need to create category-targeted campaigns is a valid data feed. In what format?

Feed for a Product Campaign:
Product ID, product_name, price, URL referring to the product, brand, …
Feed for a Category-Targeted Campaign:

The category specification (such as a product ID) must be retained. You can assign a specific ID to each category, or you can use a URL referring to the category as the specific item.

Then think about what additional information the category page contains and which information you could use in advertisements, keywords, or sitelinks.

In addition to the category name (category_name), this can be a brand, gender (Female/Male/Child/Uni), minimum price in the given category (min_price) and maximum price (max_price), but also a maximum and minimum discounts in the category, benefits for the category (gifts, goods in a store, …), number of products in the category (product_count), other specifics of the category (can be selected according to the size? color?), new or used goods, accessories, last minute flights …it always depends on the kind of your e-shop, of course.

As with the product campaign feed, it’s a good idea to send sitelink information to the category feed. Then you simply take that variable (usually URL) and paste it into the product campaign sitelink.

Within the PPC Bee setting, it’s important to think twice about the hierarchy on which to build your account.

How will you select categories into your campaigns?

Use the similarity of categories. The feed content and planned keyword generator settings (matches to use) and ad text (special price, sale, new collection, … ).

What are the expected results in contrast to product campaigns?

Did you like the pleasantly low PNO (PNO — share of costs in turnover) for product campaigns? Unfortunately, it can go up here. However, it is also likely to increase the number of impressions and decrease the CTR.

This procedure has been tried, for example, by a client who sells clothes, shoes and other accessories. If you want to try it too, but it is not clear enough, contact Káťa via the chat or at info@ppcbee.com.