Time-Limit Statuses

Not so long ago we added the option of time-limits to your ads: to show or not to show them in a period that you can specify. Shortly afterwards we also added the same function to the keywords generator.

Now we tuned up the function a little more and thanks to that you now have a brand new view of whether the AdText/generator is being promoted right now. The so-called restriction status.

What statuses may occur within the limits?

Let’s take into account that today is the 22th August 2017. What statuses can be displayed within the selected time limit?

1. You are in a period when generating ads/generator is enabled.

2. You are in a period when generating ads/generator is disabled.

3. A period when the generating ads/generator has already expired.

4. If you run this ad, the following status occurs: “Enabled” with a warning: Limited in time. Attention: Such an ad will not be promoted.

5. You are not in a period when generating ads/generator was/will be disabled.

If you hover over the period of the advertisement that is disabled, you will see a link to modify the time limits.

Are these instructions helpful? If you are still groping in the dark, write to our support at support@ppcbee.com and she’ll explain it using your own example.

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