Video Tutorials in PPC Bee

Although PPC Bee’s campaigns are generating high performance for you, we know that setting them up is not easy for everyone. That is why we strive to make PPC Bee more user-friendly for you every day. At the same time, we try to keep someone or something at your fingertips to help you with setting up your account whenever you need assistance.

Our clients are offered trainings in PPC Bee, support (which is daily available online, on the phone and via e-mail), the PPC Bee manual, or the Wizard directly in the app.

Yet we have said that it is still not enough! That’s why we’re coming up with a new assisting tool: PPC Bee video tutorials! You’ll find them in the app as well as on our YouTube channel.

You can find the videos in each step of the Wizard:

Clicking the “play” icon at the selected campaign creation stage will give you a pop-up window with a guide on how to successfully complete that stage and move on to the next level of the “Create and Synchronize Your Campaign” challenge.

This allows you to see the whole process step-by- step from uploading a data source, creating a product campaign, keywords and ad texts generators, system settings, up to the syncing itself!

And if you would like to listen to the pleasant voice of our Káťa even while browsing on YouTube, use your opportunity. We have uploaded videos to this platform as well. You can watch them through the following link: Videos in PPC Bee

This is just the first part of our videos. We have begun introducing basic steps, and gradually more and more videos will be added to the app at different places to help you wherever you need it.

What do you think? Do you like this new way of getting help? Do not forget to let us know via chat, email or Facebook.