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PR Agency For Flowers has observed that in many countries the name “geranium” refers to the lushly blooming balcony beauty. It is very often used instead of the name “pelargonium”. Another situation is in Poland, where the name “pelargonium” is used correctly by consumers, gardeners and botanists. We should know that the name “geranium” is booked for perennial gardenshrubs. So what causes the confusion about the names and why people name balcony queen “geranium”. Please read to find out more.

Beautiful Pelargonium.

The confusion about the name is probably due to the fact that the pelargonium, with its origin in South Africa, and the geranium, which can be found nearly all over the world, both belong to the same plant family of Geraniaceae. The first pelargoniums were brought to Europe from South Africa in the 17th century. Because of their assumed similarity to the perennial plants domestic to Europe, they were initially referred to as geraniums as well. Not until the 18th century did botanists realize the differences between the two species and so French botanist L’Héritier gave the genus from South Africa the name “pelargonium”. Unlike the hardy geranium, pelargoniums can only endure the cold season in these parts in a frost-protected location indoors. The two species also differ in their flower shapes: Pelargonium flowers have three lower smaller petals and two upper larger petals and geraniums have five symmetrical petals.

Fact is, geraniums are actually called pelargoniums (botanical name Pelargonium) and apart from belonging to the same plant family, have little in common with the Geranium. Yet in many countries the name “geranium” remains the common term for the blooming beauty from South Africa. In Poland we are using the name Pelargonium so please remember that when you will buy these beautiful plant for your balcony or garden in Poland.

The Pelargonium campaign started in 2017 and takes place in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and in several Scandinavian countries. Kamila Zmijewska, CEO at PiART PR Agency for flowers is responsible for PR promotion in Poland.

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source: Pelargonium For Europe.

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