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Valeria Mingova
Jul 14, 2020 · 7 min read

However, just a few entrepreneurs realize that scaling is not just a new profitable market but also a tremendous job, which is comparable with new business launch.

Choose your direction

First of all, you should form your main goals. For instance, searching for the investments, fixing your market positions, or development new business connections.

Local investigation

After finishing Internet marketing issues you should go to concrete region. Industrial events are your main targets. There you can meet competitors, accelerators, investors. You will plunge into the environment, where you are going to work. You can also increase event’s efficiency by setting up even a small board with some materials.

Becoming a part of the community

The next step is to look for business connections. Every product or direction has its own community. People can operate on meetups or on Facebook, in Reddit, forums, etc. You should search for local communities’ representatives and build strong connections with them.

Present your products in media

Just work

After all those operations you should just work in the chosen region: create a good website, scale your business contacts, search for clients, launch context and target advertisements, develop your social networks.

Don’t disregard mentality

National culture and business traits are very important issues in terms of launching a business. There is a big interest in a wide range of technologies in the UAE and Bahrain. Medical and pharmaceutical fields, as well as fintech startups, are in great demand there. That’s why a lot of startups come to Mideast for the investments. But they don’t realize that they will get not only financial support but also total control. Arabis investors want a report for every cent weekly.

Practical example

Years ago we have started to work with the Estonian fintech-project with Russian roots, which provides payment services. By that time app had been working for almost 7 months, but there were no uploadings at all. Now the app has more than 200 000 users, 30% of them are loyal clients. For those kinds of app, it’s utterly huge indicators.

To sum up

  • Choose the region or country, where you are going to work
  • Investigate the market and competitor environment
  • Plunge into the market by attending industrial events
  • Become a part of a local business-community in order to get its support and business connections
  • Tell about your company in local media
  • Don’t disregard national cultural and behavior-specific

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