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Part 2: Rails5.2 CSP (Content Security Policy)

Sample rails repo here and PPT here

The HTTP Content-Security-Policy response header allows web site administrators to control resources the user agent is allowed to load for a given page.

With a few exceptions, policies mostly involve specifying server origins and script endpoints.
This helps guard against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS).

Content Security Policy overview (image took it from other source)

Content-Security-Policy: <policy-directive>; <policy-directive>

Reference :

Directives (listing only few )
Fetch directives
Fetch directives control locations from which certain resource types may be loaded.

Restricts the URLs which can be loaded using script interfaces
Specifies valid sources of images and favicons.

Document directives
Document directives govern the properties of a document or worker environment to which a policy applies.
Restricts the URLs which can be used in a document’s <base> element.
Restricts the set of plugins that can be embedded into a document by limiting the types of resources which can be loaded.

Navigation directives
Navigation directives govern to which location a user can navigate to or submit a form to, for example.
Restricts the URLs which can be used as the target of a form submissions from a given context.

Reporting directives
Reporting directives control the reporting process of CSP violations.
Instructs the user agent to report attempts to violate the Content Security Policy. These violation reports consist of JSON documents sent via an HTTP POST request to the specified URI.

Old Solution( Secure header gem) (Image from different source)

CSP with rails5.2


Rails.application.config.content_security_policy do  |p|
p.default_src :self, :https
p.font_src :self, :https
# p.img_src :self , :https
p.object_src :none
p.script_src :self, :https
p.style_src :self, :https, :unsafe_inline
p.img_src :self, '', :https
# p.img_src ''
# p.img_src :none
# p.img_src :self
# Specify URI for violation reports
p.report_uri "/violation_report"

For image setup


a. Google image from local assert

b. Baby with puppy if from external source (

Example one

Rails.application.config.content_security_policy do |p|
p.img_src ''

Example two

Rails.application.config.content_security_policy do |p|
p.img_src :self

Example three

Rails.application.config.content_security_policy do |p|
p.img_src :none

Example four

Rails.application.config.content_security_policy do |p|
p.img_src :self, '', :http

similar can config for js and css files.

controller configuration

# Override policy inline
class PostsController < ApplicationController
content_security_policy do |p|
p.upgrade_insecure_requests true
# Using literal values
class PostsController < ApplicationController
content_security_policy do |p|
p.base_uri “"

The CSP recommendation defines a way for browsers to report policies to a specific endpoint, but this endpoint needs to be configured in the build process so that the team gets notified of any violations that occur and process it.

p.report_uri  "/violation_report"

Violation Report

Started POST "/violation_report" for at 2018-06-21 08:51:12 +0530
Processing by UsersController#violation_report as */*
"{\"csp-report\":{\"document-uri\":\"http://localhost:3000/users\",\"referrer\":\"\",\"violated-directive\":\"img-src\",\"effective-directive\":\"img-src\",\"original-policy\":\"default-src 'self' https:; font-src 'self' https: data:; object-src 'none'; script-src 'self' https:; style-src 'self' https: 'unsafe-inline'; img-src; report-uri /violation_report\",\"disposition\":\"enforce\",\"blocked-uri\":\"http://localhost:3000/favicon.ico\",\"status-code\":200,\"script-sample\":\"\"}}"

With the help of this callback we able to tract the violation happens at the client side.

About Part 1 : Rails5.2 Credentials(encrypted credentials)


Sample rails repo here and PPT here

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