Shake It Off (#sorrynotsorry)

Good morning and the happiest of Mondays to you all. For us Bay Area-dwellers, our morning cup of joe was sweetened with just a touch of tectonic tantrum. As I corralled the pups, who continue to yell at the phantom menace, I consoled myself with the the fact that it wasn’t a big enough deal to warrant a public response from my favorite geologist. What’s that you say? He might actually be working on something related instead of tweeting into the void? Huh.

On to other things, my pretties…

I was going to include this piece 5 Minutes Early Is On Time; On Time Is Late; Late Is Unacceptable because come on people, what is with being 30 minutes late all the gosh darn time, I was taught to respect everyone else’s schedule but then again, I am two hours late on this email this morning because of earthquake twitter, so… yea… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The White House published POTUS’s summer playlists on Friday and they are actually awesome (I especially like the Night mix, but the slow grooves might be a bit risque for work ;) I can totally picture the entire West Wing grooving out to these with Bo and Sunny, because what else do they have to do right now?

Gotta give a slow clap to Rand Paul. I’d normally be snarky about why you’re taking time off from the campaign trail when you’re down in most polls, but you’re going to do pro-bono eye surgeries in Haiti. Well played. Your move, Dr. Carson.

BuzzFeed (have I reminded you to start reading their longreads? DO IT PEOPLE) has a sad and unsettling piece on a stalking victim who wanted to carry a handgun on the Dartmouth campus for her own protection. It’s an awful tale of a young women targeted by the “the creepy guy from the coffee shop” for years, but also of victims’ rights clashing with student rights, and campus safety crashing the battle over the second amendment. Go read it.

And for fun, McSweeney’s brings us Donald Trump Through the Ages (read: the Titanic section.)


Forwarded on and tweeted by many, including the amazing Charlie, is the dystopic tale of white collar woe from Seattle, where (all allegedly) workers are pitted against one another, where pregnancies are a strike against you on the corporate ladder, where tears of your colleagues are seemingly a daily occurrence. Amazon’s CEO disputes the story, stating that “The article doesn’t describe the Amazon I know or the caring Amazonians I work with every day.” All in all, ugh, and yet I still ordered a yoga strap on Prime this weekend — the moral chasm and materialistic hypocrisy is real for me.

That’s that for today. I end with an photo I took while hiking the Dipsea this weekend in Marin: a reminder to take a deep breath, some time for yourself, and a walk around the block today. Stay stable and on (not shaking) ground!