“Unlimited Vacation” and the Various Circles of Hell

Don’t have a lot of time today, as I am in the midst of setting my hair and stocking my bespoke/artisan/recovered wood apocalypse safe room because…


Also, you may notice I have removed the called-out Lady Biz section. Everything is lady biz, especially leading up to 2016, it was dumb of me to relegate it to the end.


Soooooooo, it’s looking like The Donald and Bubba chatted before The Trump decided to run for President, which could indicate that Bill may have nudged…. OH MY GOD, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ELECTION SEASON!!!!![!!!!infinity]

Great headline: Jon Stewart changed everything: How “The Daily Show” revolutionized TV & revitalized the Democratic Party

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Piper “IRL Orange is the New Black” Kerman advocated for prison reform, again, in front of a Senate Homeland Security Committee. She specifically mentioned imprisoned women of color, stating that they are “treated much more harshly by the American criminal justice system.”

The SEC now requires publicly-traded companies to show just to what insane power a CEO is paid more than his or her employees.

A VICE writer infiltrated a White Pride Facebook Group and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next… j/k, they took over the admin and changed it to an “LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama” group.


READ THIS NOW: Dylan Matthews at Vox goes into some of the issues with the whole “unlimited vacation” thing, writing, “This is the basic problem with “unlimited” leave: It replaces clear, predictable limits with limits imposed by vague and arbitrary social pressure to work more.”

He continues, “unlimited leave also hurts workers through decision paralysis.” The most important point, from my experience, is the fact that if you leave or are laid off you are not paid out for unused days, because poof, they’re made of magic fairy dust that never actually existed in the first place.

I’m not saying these (absolutely awesome) animated maps of Bay Area commutes remind me of the circles of hell, but I am saying that the encroaching dot GIF will haunt my dreams for years to come. On an unrelated note, the other day I was on a BART so crowded that I had someone else’s hair in my mouth. For 25 minutes.

And in other news

I ❤ Re/code

And to send you off for the day, this is how I imagine I will feel after the debates tomorrow.

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