Success through Patience and Perseverance

Brian Link
Jul 8 · 2 min read

Pause and reflect on something you know already: Change takes time.

A city snail, crossing the road near my client site. Found on a long walk while I contemplated my own patience.

If you’re like me, it’s hard to stay focused on what’s most important now and adhere to a longterm strategy. As an Agile Coach, we need to sort of become great at keeping both the short term and longterm in check, don’t we? Our job is to help instigate change, ultimately. We help teams and individuals learn and adapt to new ways of working. We also know what the next few steps are at a macro scale, so we can guide the organization on the path to greater agility. And, though we might say it all the time, it’s hard to wait for that change to happen. We know… change takes time. Everyone once in a while, we should all pause and repeat that mantra. Change takes time.

Whether you are currently being coached by someone or doing the coaching, I think it’s a good idea to pause and reflect on that. Change takes time. Humans, in general, struggle to adopt new mindsets and internalize new habits. We need to repeat ourselves, hear things multiple times, and do things with our own hands and minds multiple times before it becomes natural.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

There’s this great, uplifting thing my client has the wherewithal to keep telling both the coaches and his executive team: “We are exactly where we need to be.”

If you are making progress and your teams are consistently learning, delivering valuable and meaningful work in smaller increments than they once were, then have some peace of mind. You are on the right path. Be patient. And you will persevere and get where you are going (or you will adjust as you need to!)

About the Author: Brian Link is the owner of Practical Agilist, LLC and author of Brian provides leadership and coaching services as an Agile Delivery Consultant and Business Agility Coach at LeanDog. Follow Brian on Twitter @blinkdaddy or LinkedIn or subscribe to his newsletter. If you’re in Columbus, come join Brian at the monthly Business Agility meetup, events or the upcoming Business Agility Midwest Conference.

Practical Agilist

A practical guide to applying agile principles and navigating an agile transformation in the real, messy world.

Brian Link

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Business Agility Coach + Practical Agilist @LeanDog. Previously @CASChemistry, @Digg, @Dell, @Chef. Loves Quantum Physics, Startups, SciFi + Manda

Practical Agilist

A practical guide to applying agile principles and navigating an agile transformation in the real, messy world.

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