Meet the newcomers — Agendo app!

We have already talked about the advantages of outsourcing the development of your projects and this time we want to introduce you to one of the successful examples of such cooperation.

Agendo app is a booking platform that is starting out by offering services for hair stylists, yoga instructors, etc. Its CEO, Johan Lundin, relied on us the honor to develop such project and shared several lesson based on personal experience. Before launching his own startup, Johan was working as a stockbroker. However the desire to work on something more interesting and exciting moved him to the own project.

Our main goal was creating MVP for a calendar app in which customer can easily book any kind of services. Client’s team built the Android app, the API, and database, basically the backend by themselves and the need to build the iOS version with some additional features brought the company to our specialists.

Seductive Mobile team developed iOS booking app with reservation management tool for single and group booking services. It was delivered after 6 months of hard working development process and cooperation with external backend team.

Here are a few tips from Johan Lundin:

  • You have to realise how much time it takes to create your product. Don’t expect that it is done within a moment.
  • Always talk to your clients/partners about improvement. Even when you think that it is perfect already, it’s not. There are more ways to raise.
  • Don’t waste your time and money, if you feel that it is not your team. When something goes wrong and you can’t find the mutual language with your outsourcing team, don’t hope that next week/month/year it will get better. Just cut your loss and move on, otherwise you would hardly succeed.

To check more information about Agendo app, please follow the link

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