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Aligning Actions with Principles

The Power of the Core Values Observable Behaviors Tool

Jackie Schwabe, MBA, MCC
Practical AI Business Literacy


In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying true to your organization’s core values can be a challenge. However, aligning actions with principles is crucial for creating a cohesive and ethical work environment. Enter the “Core Values Observable Behaviors” tool — a powerful resource designed to help you turn your values into everyday actions.

The Core Values Observable Behaviors Tool

This tool is specifically designed to identify and implement behaviors that reflect your organization’s core values. By using it, you can foster a culture where your team’s actions consistently align with your principles. This alignment not only enhances performance but also strengthens the overall culture of your organization.

Access the Core Values Observable Behaviors tool through your homepage or click here to get started.

Integrating Generative AI into Your Core Values

As we embrace the future, integrating generative AI tools like ChatGPT into your core values is becoming increasingly important. AI can support your team in various ways, from automating routine tasks to providing insightful data analysis, thus allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and innovation. By aligning AI tools with your core values, you ensure that technological advancements are used ethically and effectively within your organization.

Understanding Core Values and Their Importance

Core values are fundamental beliefs that guide an organization’s actions and decisions. They serve as a compass for behavior and set the standard for what is expected within the workplace. Core values are essential because they:

  1. Clarify Expectations: By clearly defining core values, organizations set a standard for behavior, ensuring everyone understands what is expected of them.
  2. Foster Consistency: When core values are well understood, they promote consistent behavior across the organization, making it easier to maintain a cohesive and aligned team.
  3. Support Performance Evaluations: Observable behaviors linked to core values provide a concrete basis for performance evaluations, helping to recognize and reward employees who exemplify these values.
  4. Enhance Morale and Accountability: Aligning actions with core values improves morale, increases accountability, and fosters a positive work environment where everyone knows what is expected.
  5. Attract and Retain Talent: Organizations that live by their core values attract and retain employees who share those values, contributing to long-term success.

Demonstrating Core Values: The Autism Society of Wisconsin Example

To illustrate the practical application of core values, let’s look at the Autism Society of Wisconsin. Here are their core values and how they can be demonstrated through observable behaviors:


  • Core Value: Ensure that every individual is treated with respect and their value is recognized.
  • Observable Behavior: Ensure policies and practices reflect respect for each individual’s values.


  • Core Value: Advocate for equal opportunities for all individuals.
  • Observable Behavior: Implement and promote policies and practices that ensure equal opportunities for everyone.


  • Core Value: Create an environment where everyone feels valued and included.
  • Observable Behavior: Actively seek input and participation from all individuals, ensuring their voices are heard and valued.


  • Core Value: Embrace and promote diversity within the organization.
  • Observable Behavior: Recruit and retain a diverse workforce, and offer training that emphasizes the importance of diversity.


  • Core Value: Uphold honesty and transparency in all actions.
  • Observable Behavior: Take responsibility for one’s actions and adhere to ethical guidelines.

Using the Core Values Observable Behaviors Tool

This tool helps you create a detailed list of observable behaviors for your core values, providing a practical guide for your team. It ensures that core values are not just words but become actionable, measurable aspects of daily operations. Here’s how it works:

  1. Input Core Values: Start by entering your organization’s core values.
  2. Generate Observable Behaviors: The tool helps you break down each core value into specific, actionable behaviors.
  3. Create a Comprehensive Document: The end result is a document that clearly outlines what it means to live your values, providing a practical guide for your team.

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