Practical AI Business Literacy

The Weekly Launchpad: Gearing Up for a Stellar Week Ahead!

Greetings, Intrepid Explorers of the Business Cosmos!

Jackie Schwabe, MBA, MCC
Practical AI Business Literacy


Happy Saturday! As we prepare to embark on yet another interstellar journey through the vast universe of opportunities, it’s time to buckle up and set our coordinates for progress. This week, we’ve got a constellation of AI-powered tools and learning experiences that are sure to supercharge your organizational rocket.

🌌 Your Mission Control Dashboard for the Week:

  • 🔭 AI-Powered Strategy Tool: Goal Setter Prepare to launch your strategic visions into orbit! Our Goal Setter tool is your mission specialist, here to navigate through the nebula of ideas and chart a course to your objectives. Ready to make the quantum leap? Engage the hyperdrive here:
  • 💫 AI-Powered Execution Tool: Accounts Receivable Dive into the financial cosmos with precision analytics to optimize your cash flow like a seasoned astronaut. This tool is your co-pilot in the quest for fiscal stability and intergalactic prosperity. Plot your trajectory here:
  • 🌠 AI-Powered Skill Coach: Making Better Decisions Navigate through asteroid fields of decision-making with the agility of a starship. This tool is your onboard AI, designed to enhance your cognitive thrusters and steer you clear of black holes. Initiate launch sequence here:
  • 👽 AI-Powered Expert Advisor: Adam Grant Beam up the wisdom of the cosmos with insights inspired by the galactic sage, Adam Grant. Whether facing alien work cultures or negotiating interplanetary treaties, this tool is your universal translator. Tune in to the cosmic frequency here:
  • 🛸 AI-Powered Role Coach: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Command your marketing starfleet with the strategic acumen of a seasoned captain. This AI mentor will guide you through nebulous markets and help you harness the power of your brand’s supernova. Chart your course here:
  • 🌟 FREE AI Maturity Assessment: Ready to assess the warp core of your organization’s AI capabilities? Our FREE AI Maturity Assessment is your star map to discovering untapped galaxies of potential. Embark on this exploratory mission and uncover the universe of opportunities awaiting you.

🌍 Stay Grounded, Explorers!

As we set our sights on the stars, let’s remember the power of human connection and creativity in steering the ship. Your feedback and stories fuel our journey, so don’t hesitate to share your interstellar adventures and discoveries with us.

Wishing you a week filled with cosmic wonders and galactic achievements. Keep reaching for the stars!

Warmly, Jackie Schwabe, Captain of The Weekly Launchpad 🚀