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Wow. It’s been another great week over here in the world of #PracticalGrowth and self-improvement. I’m busier than ever, with a new episode of the podcast now live and charting across Europe and parts of the US. To top it off, I made a guest appearance on a pretty major podcast — which means you’ve got something pretty big to look forward to.

It was a frustrating week too, though, with lots of setbacks. Not least of which includes the latest changes on the platform, which have totally plummeted writers and alienated the audiences they’ve worked hard to build.

Despite it all, we continue to push on. That’s what it’s all about here. We’ve been on the losing side of giving up, and we’re not willing to do that anymore. Instead, we’re learning tools to improve our lives DESPITE what the powers that be try to take from us.

So we soldier on and keep on going. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I promise not to disappoint you, and I promise to continue to show up…just as I always have.

The Best Stories This Week

Meanwhile, the growth and the opportunity has continued here on the Practical Growth World. This week, we discovered (and re-disocvered) some of my best articles on life, love, and everything in-between. These are the best and most popular stories from E.B. Johnson on Practical Growth(and beyond) this week. Discover how you can safeguard your wellbeing and build better relationships. All while manifesting a life that is authentically your own.

Protecting Yourself from a True Psychopath

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Though psychopathy is not a recognized psychiatric disorder, it’s a very serious condition that can cause a lot of problems in the lives of sufferers (and those in their gravity). It’s a subtype of anti-social personality disorder, and one that afflicts about 1% of the general population. Understanding the psychopath takes digging deep into the roots of their experiences, and learning how to spot the signs of their negative behaviors. Not all psychopaths look like “Dexter”-esque serial killers. Some of them are lurking right on the edges of our closest relationships, requiring us to take a stand, set boundaries and protect ourselves in a number of ways…

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Why Your Partner Can’t Stay Faithful

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Do you have a partner that falls into patterns of infidelity time-and-time again? Why do they always cheat on you? Why can’t they hold fast to the commitment that you’ve built together? Although we allow ourselves to internalize a lot of the guilt, we shouldn’t. Their reasons for cheating are their own, and they can be as complex and varied as the act of cheating itself. While understanding the reasons won’t heal the pain they’ve caused you, the truth will enable you to stand up for yourself in powerful ways…

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Dealing With Your Toxic Parents

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There’s no denying the toll that an abusive or toxic relationship with your parents can take. When our parents dismiss us or talk down to us, they can implant us with beliefs and behaviors that damage our lives for decades to come. Do your parents physically, mentally, or emotionally abuse and manipulate you? It’s important to acknowledge these damaging ties so you can take action to protect yourself and your future happiness.

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A Few More of Your Favorites

  • Are you someone who watches a lot of true crime TV? Love to line up those Netflix documentaries on cults? It’s fascinating to learn about the messes humans can get themselves in. But how likely are you to get into the same messes? Would you fall into a cult? Fall for the leader? It’s not as black-and-white as you think it is.
  • Long-distance relationships aren’t all bad. For the right people in the right relationships, it can be one of the most strength-building experiences a couple can commit to. It brings you closer on an emotional level and ensures you’re speaking up for your needs. Maintaining a healthy long distance relationship, though, requires proactive action and integrity. Here’s why.
  • How do you view your failures? Chances are you look back on them with a lot of shame and apprehension. Why? Everyone makes mistakes. If you’re going to get what you want in life and in love, then you have to accept that you’re going to get it wrong and shift your entire perspective.

The Growth Group is open NOW!

Such exciting news for coaching clients and those who are ready to take their self-discovery journey to the next level. On Monday, November 1st, I opened the doors on my all new group coaching membership. Get the best of my advice, articles, eBooks, printables, and more. This is the place to go if you’re ready to fast-track your growth in the company of like-minded and motivated individuals.

Join now to receive a special free gift!

Each week, I provide you with the best of my content. But to sweeten the deal, I also come to you every Saturday with a LIVE video training. Deep dive into the topics you love, all while getting to ask me questions live in real time. Can’t make the live training? No worries. Your membership gives you access to our entire video library of live trainings and informationals.

What is included in the Practical Growth Group Coaching Membership?

👉 Live training every week with me and other special guest experts!
👉 Unlimited access to exclusive guides, eBooks, and videos of all our live training events ranging acrross topics like how to build the perfect relationship, recovering from narcissistic abuse, and more!
👉 Direct access to me and the other guest experts for all of your life and relationship questions.
👉 You can cancel at any time, but you really won’t want to!

There’s even a special bonus for the first 10 people who sign up!!

That’s right. The first 10 people who join this exclusive coaching group are going to get my Relationship Renovator workbook, a one-of-a-kind tool that can help you transform your relationships from the inside out.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have 20 other people who understood what you were going through? Who were on the same journey to healing with ME? This is an exclusive chance to get the best of my coaching program with a community of other incredible people committed to living a better life.

Apply for a spot in the Growth Group Coaching Program now.

A New Episode of Practical Growth is Available Now

Listen now on Apple, Spotify, and Google

Available now on Apple, Spotify, and Beyond! The Practical Growth Podcast is live and ranking across Europe! That’s right. In just a couple of weeks you have already helped make my podcast a splash in relationship and self-discovery circles around the globe. As a show of thanks, I’m giving a FREE eBook to everyone who leaves a 5 ⭐️ review on Apple Podcasts.

All you have to do is head over to Apple Podcasts and leave you review. When it goes live, take a screenshot and send it to me here or here. Once I receive it, I’ll send you one of my very own eBooks to say, “THANK YOU!”

So far, we’ve covered narcissism, gaslighting, attraction, and gray divorce. But this week it is going to get even more exciting as we dig into the latest dating trend…bad relationships! We talk the ins and outs of bad relationships, as well as when it’s time to find the door. Are you in a bad relationship? Been through a bad relationship? This is the episode you mustlisten to.

Follow the Practical Growth Podcast on your favorite streaming service. Don’t wait! The new episode is OUT NOW.

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