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What a week it’s been!

There is a lot going on here (as usual) and it’s got me wondering how we’re going to get through it all. Nonetheless we persevere. That’s what we do here! And I’m excited to share even more of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Later this month, I’ll be launching my new group coaching membership. This is a great way to test out coaching with me, and it’s a great place to build a community with other like-minded people on a path to trauma recovery.

Each week, members of my Growth Group will get 1-hour workshops and live Q&As with me — as well as special guest hosts from across Medium, TikTok, Instagram, and more.

This group is open to everyone (no application necessary) and is the most flexible way to get coached by me (cancel at any time). I’ll also be offering up a special group membership for my TikTok LIVE followers…so make sure you’re following me there for the latest updates.

As usual, there’s a new episode of the podcast this week and tons of great new content by me here on Medium. It’s busy, busy, busy, but that’s the way we like it. Working to help people improve their lives every day.


My Best Stories on Medium This Week

Meanwhile, the growth and the opportunity never stops. This week, we discovered (and re-disocvered) some of my best articles on life, love, and everything in-between. These are the best and most popular stories from E.B. Johnson on Practical Growth (and beyond) this week. Discover how you can safeguard your wellbeing and build better relationships. All while manifesting a life that is authentically your own.

Improving Your Life in 1 Week

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Are you someone who has spent decades healing your childhood trauma? Feel like you’re still running in the wheel and getting nowhere? Believe it or not, there are actionable steps you can take to improve your life and the way you feel in just one week. Don’t believe me? Give yourself a week and see how you feel…

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Prevent Anxiety & Depression After Trauma

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We don’t have to be taken down by our anxiety and our depression. Not even after a life-altering traumatic event. We can prevent and minimize the worst of the damage by giving ourselves the positive tools we need to defeat the rumination patterns…once and for all.

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How Narcissists Will Sabotage You

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Are you being sabotaged by a narcissistic person? This is a scary place to be, especially when you realize that not all narcissistic people handle rejection the same. Some narcissists get really creative with the way they destroy your life. Be careful how you proceed in their antics…

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A Few More of Your Favorites

More popular favorites from the Practical Growth blog.

  • Do you actually know what dissociative identity disorder is? The movies have convinced us that “split personality” is a thing of comic books. But is it? No. DID is far more complex and subtle disorder that can totally destroy the lives of those living with it.
  • Feeling powerless? Toxic parents and caretakers can wear us thin. Autonomy is an important part of a healthy relationship, and that includes the relationships you share with parents and other family. Don’t fall for the nonsense. Know these signs of gaslighting and manipulation from your parents.
  • Were you are raised in a dysfunctional family? Toxic people do a lot of damning things, and toxic family is no different. They will tear you down and say and do anything to keep you small. Are you falling for their nasty tactics? Watch out for these toxic phrases your toxic family is probably using.

Escaping the Doom Spirals

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The damage inflicted on our lives by trauma is serious and long lasting. It’s not a simple “emotional experience”. Trauma causes damage to our physical bodies, too. Our nervous systems are damaged by it, and even immune function and cognitive function can be affected.

If you want to escape the spirals of depression and anxiety that come after trauma, you have to focus on:

  • Leaning into pleasure
  • Doing things you’re good at
  • Becoming your own best friend

Give yourself a fighting chance of escaping the depression and anxiety spirals by focusing on positive prevention. This is not about avoiding your feelings or experiences entirely. More accurately, it’s a way of giving yourself a positive footing as you deal with the difficulties of your trauma recovery journey.

Want to learn more about escaping your rumination patterns? Listen to the latest episode of the Practical Growth podcast.

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Answering Your Questions

Answering all your biggest questions. Have a question you want to ask me? Send it to me on Quora or TikTok.

Q. Why are people so aggressive and mean to each other without any reason?

A. There are a lot of different answers to this, and a lot of different reasons. On the surface — we’re stressed. As a society we’re stressed. As individuals we’re stressed. That stress becomes negative energy, which the less-aware of us discharge that energy by being mean to others.

Face it. When you’re not in a state of empathy and awareness, it feels good to be mean to other people. You feel superior, and it makes those empty feelings go away for a little while…but not for long.

Soon enough you’re angry again. Yelling at someone else doesn’t make that anger go away.

The only thing that makes that anger go away is healing. It’s getting your life in line and living authentically alongside the truth that makes you happy. It’s working on your trauma and committing to finding lasting peace in your future.

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