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These are the most popular stories on LV Development this week. Discover how you can safeguard your wellbeing and build better relationships. All while manifesting a life that is authentically your own.

Let Go of These Things for a Happier 2021

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We are moving into another year, and with that comes the expectation of both change and improvement. That requires that we take some action, though, and make a mindful and concentrated effort to improve the things that held us back in 2020. Are you ready to make 2021 better than the last? Even as chaos continues to swirl, you can find happiness. You’re going to have to let go of some bad habits first, though, and commit to your right to thrive.

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Your Inner Child Needs to be Healed

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Some are lucky to live with an inner child who is happy and whole, but this is not the case for everyone. For those who came from painful and dysfunctional backgrounds, trauma runs deep into the soul of the inner child and requires very concentrated and very real emotional and physical healing. Don’t allow your inner child to remain in pain forever. Heal them so that you can find happiness in this life.

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How to Find Yourself

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It’s time for us to find ourselves. It’s time to figure out who we want to be and what terms we want to live our lives by. We have the right to be exactly who we want to be, and we have a right to manifest a life that aligns to our joy, our contentment, and our overall wellbeing. To this, though, we have to be strong and rebuild our self-esteem and self-belief from the inside out.

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Why Your Relationship is Heading for a Breakdown

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Has your relationship hit a wall or a divide that seems too great to overcome? Have you and your partner started fighting so much that it’s disrupting your love for one another or the way in which you connect? When your relationship is breaking down, you have to take swift, decisive action. Be honest with yourselves and face reality as a team, then open up a dialogue and move into the future facing forward.

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How to Let Someone Down Gently

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The best way to turn someone down is with compassion and with respect. Letting them down gently allows you to honor your feelings while also respecting the natural pain and discomfort the other person is going to feel. Breakups don’t have to be emotional explosions. We can cut the cord peacefully and find better ways to transition our interpersonal relationships.

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The Obvious Signs Someone is Avoiding You

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Bringing the relationship back together is possible, but it takes a lot of time and understanding. You’ve got to get a handle on your emotions first, then find the courage to address the growing issues with the person who’s avoiding. Sometimes, it’s only a small issue that leads to a breakdown in our communication. In other instances, though, we have to work as a team to repair deep hurts which are seeking resolution.

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