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The Best Stories This Week

These are the best and most popular stories from E.B. Johnson on LV Development (and beyond) this week. Discover how you can safeguard your wellbeing and build better relationships. All while manifesting a life that is authentically your own.

Don’t Let Your Imposter Syndrome Take Control

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When we suffer from imposter syndrome, we often come to believe that success — in any shape — is beyond our reach, and we often come to form negative opinions of our self that ultimately undermines our overall happiness. Overcoming our imposter syndrome is a critical part not only of healing, but of establishing and creating lives we want and lives we can be proud of. If you believe you’re suffering from imposter syndrome, read on. You can learn to get past your insecurities, but it’s going to take time, understanding and a lot of honest self-reflection…

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Self-Care Should Be a Part of Everyday Life

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Getting to the root of real self-care takes a lot of understanding and lot of self-reflection. Self-care looks different to everyone, but it’s core components are the same. It is something that should inspire emotional release or improve our lives from the inside out. When we care for ourselves, genuinely, we should walk away feeling as though we are better off than we were when we started. It’s a process and a routine that should be carefully considered and designed. It’s something that’s entirely our own when we take the time to institute it correctly…

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Can You Really Trust Them?

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We move through this life in good faith, hoping that the people we connect with have our best interests at heart. That’s not always the case, though. As much as we would like to see the best in others, some people aren’t trustworthy. When you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, it’s important to be honest and realistic. Guard your feelings and protect your happiness, so that you can move forward toward a safer and more elevated future…

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A few more of your favorites…

  • We’re living through chaotic times, and with that can come a lot of complex emotions. You’re not alone if you’re dealing with feelings like hopelessness or even anxiety. The key to making it through is learning to manage these things. Want to get better at managing your anxiety? Try these techniques to get started.
  • Have you ever heard the expression, “Time heals all wounds”? While this might sound nice in theory, it doesn’t really work in practice. Sitting by and waiting for time to make us feel better doesn’t work. We have to be proactive when it comes to healing and finding the peace and happiness we want so badly in this life.
  • Looking for peace of mind in this increasingly chaotic world? You’re not alone. We’re all looking for our own islands of stability amid the constant challenges and struggle. The good news is that we can adopt habits that help us to find this peace we crave. Ready to adopt a better way of thinking and feeling about life? Try these tips.

Word of Advice

Each week, I get hundreds of questions covering a lot of different topics. A lot of the questions focus on family. How do you build a better relationship with your family? How do you separate from a toxic family? We all have different relationships with our families, and we all need different things. Have a question you want to ask? Ask me anonymously here.

Q. Is it positive to feel like the only person you can rely on is you and you don’t need anyone to survive? (via Quora)

A. While being self-sufficient and independent is a powerful thing, no one person can truly do everything by themselves. We’re social creatures and we need the support of other people. It makes life easier, and it helps us to better deal with our emotions and the hardships that life throws our way.

It’s not positive to feel like you’re the only person you can rely on. As a matter of fact, this is a traditional response to repeated trauma. You get so used to the world letting you down, that you decide it’s easier to rely on only yourself — in order to avoid getting hurt. The problem there, though, is that you won’t avoid that hurt.

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