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We have come to the end of another month, and that means it’s a great time to reflect and look back on what we did and didn’t do. Did you complete the tasks you wanted to complete? Did you take time for yourself and your needs? Make a list of what went well and what didn’t, then make a plan for small adjustments in the upcoming month.

The Best Stories This Week

These are the best and most popular stories on LV Development this week. Discover how you can safeguard your wellbeing and build better relationships. All while manifesting a life that is authentically your own.The most popular stories this week.

Lies We Learn from Narcissistic Parents

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To be raised by the narcissist to is to grow up in a world entirely removed from reality. Not everyone gets the Leave It to Beaver sense of family that they crave. Sometimes, we grow up in the hold of a narcissist who teaches us nothing but fear and emotional disconnection. If your parent was a narcissist, then it’s time for you to re-work their lies and establish an entirely new truth for yourself.

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Uncovering Your Ideal Self

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In this life, we are encountered with ups and downs, as well as setbacks and challenges, every single day. Life is little more than a series of choices. Attaining that happiness we want so much requires that we make the right decisions, and that we make choices which are aligned to our core truths. You have to know who you are to be happy, but outside of that you have to be the ideal version of yourself.

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Practical Ways to Find Satisfaction in Life

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Are you living a satisfying life? Are you surrounded by the people and the things that inspire you, or bring you a sense of loving peace? It’s hard to stay focused on the future when we’re living in an uncomfortable reality. In order for us to find true contentment in this life, we have to find more practical ways to re-discover our sense of satisfaction and the enjoyment we take from the world around us.

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A few more of your favorites…

  • Are your friendships struggling in the wake of the ongoing pandemic? Last week, I discussed some of the best ways to mend these relationships and get your life back on track.
  • Children are innocent, but they are are also present and aware through our toughest moments. If you and your partner are going through an unexpected divorce, you need to find the strength to keep your cool and protect your children the right way.
  • When our relationships hit a crossroads, it’s often up to us to make the challenging decisions and decide whether we’ve had enough. Are you ready to walk away? Or are you and your partner ready to take a stand?

A Word of Advice

I use this column to give you advice and answer some of the questions I get across the web. Topics include everything from dealing with toxic family relationships, to handling an over-the-top breakup or career challenge. Have a question you want to see answered? Send it anonymously to E.B. here.

Q. How do I get over a breakup? He made me feel unwanted, now I am feeling unworthy and unwanted. I am thinking of this for 24 hours. (via Quora)

A. Breakups are always emotional and not easy to overcome. We all process this grief differently, and we all see and want different things from the journey. There are a few core things we can do, though, to help ourselves heal and find peace (as well as preventing us from falling into the same heartbreak in future).

First and foremost, you need to rebuild your self-esteem. You mention feeling “unworthy”. No one should have the power to make us feel this way. You are worthy just as you are, simply for existing. When you build your self-confidence, you come to believe that. Learn to fall in love with your physical body, and then learn to fall in love with who you are on the inside. The more important you are to yourself, the more important you become to others.

Next, focus on distracting yourself. Lean into your friend groups. Pick up new hobbies. Reach out and socialize with new people where you can. Each time you feel the grief coming on, stand up and do something that distracts you. Seek to do something productive that involves your body.

It’s also important that you journal during this time. Spend time describing how you feel and why. Explore those feelings and question where they come from. Why have you made your image and self-worth so dependent no this person? Are you trying to heal other wounds from your past? Are you putting the responsibility for your happiness on them? Be honest with yourself, and remember to take your time (and be compassionate to yourself).

Coming soon…

My new book — Relationship Renovator — is coming out March, 29th! This book explores the ins and outs of building a better relationship, starting with our own internal traumas. Building the perfect partnership, after all, requires that we first become better partners ourselves. Alongside this insight, I also provide a glimpse into my own life and the ways in which I learned to overcome and love with a deeper authenticity.

Join my mailing list if you want to be the first to access pre-order links, giveaways, and more. This book has been a labor of love long in the making, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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