Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma Involving the Thymus with Associated Thymic Cyst

Lessons From the Friday Unknowns

Histologic sections show thymic tissue involved by lymphoma with a nodular pattern and prominent collagenic sclerosis.

Lymphomatous involvement of thymic tissue with extensive sclerosis
Sclerotic bands surrounding neoplastic nodules
Sclerotic bands surrounding neoplastic nodules

Multiple small thymic epithelial cysts are seen.

The lymphoma is composed of clusters of Hodgkin-like cells admixed with small lymphocytes, neutrophils and eosinophils.

The neoplastic cells are positive for CD30, CD79a (weak), and CD15 and are negative for CD3, CD5, CD20, CD45, EMA, P63, P53, and CK5/6.

The patient has history of classic Hodgkin lymphoma status post ABVD and ICE therapy. The diagnosis rendered in this case is relapsed/persistent nodular sclerosis classical Hodgkin lymphoma involving the thymus and associated thymic cyst.

Link to digital slides: | Slides labeled case 3




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