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How to be Serious

Credit: Josh Willink on Pexels

Listen up, you need to be be serious.

Don’t act the fool. Don’t be frivolous. Take your life seriously.

If you take the piss out of life it will take the piss out of you.

So be serious.

Be serious in the love you give. Be serious in finding the value you have to offer for that is your gold. Be serious in your pursuit of inner peace. Be serious in your personal growth. Be serious in facing your fears and discovering who you are.

Be serious in taking responsibility for your life.

Life will happen to you rather than for you if you don’t take it seriously.

So be serious.

Be serious about creativity. Be serious about the friends you keep and the people who give you counsel. Be serious about extending yourself and your world through your relationships with others.

Be serious about how you spend the fleeting minutes of your life.

Be serious about the actions you take because all actions have consequences.

Be serious about being a parent as your children will follow your example, not your advice.

Be serious about putting your priorities in the right order and be serious in endeavouring to find out what is that right order.

Be serious in working out who you are. Be serious in working out your mission and struggles.

Be serious about all of this or be perpetually disappointed in life.

Understand that no one will take you seriously unless you are serious about yourself.

So be endlessly fucking serious about the things that require seriousness.


Do not be serious about anything else, as it’s all distraction.

Don’t be serious about knowing which knife to use at a dinner party. Don’t be serious about appearing learned, wise, smart or impressive. Don’t be serious about fitting in or what others think. Striving simply to impress others will only subtract from who you are.

Don’t be serious about the quality of what you create. Just create already.

Don’t be serious about competition unless it’s competition with yourself.

Do not be serious about saying the correct thing in a meeting and don’t be serious about looking professional in a job you hate.

Do not be even slightly serious about keeping up with trends, TV programmes, music, sport or anything else that’s the zeitgeist. Like them to like them. Not to keep up. Not to be relevant.

Seriousness comes to those who are ready.

Being serious is an art, a discipline, a clarity, a skill to be developed, a precision.

Start to be serious about the things that matter.

And that is how to be serious.



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