Why I Read All Responses To My Stories

I Love Reading What Others Have To Say, And I Hate Spammers

As a writer on Medium, we are front line warriors, battling against grey hat SEO hucksters.

OK, it’s not that dramatic, but I need the excitement on a quiet Friday morning.

The Bottom Line Up Front

I pay attention to responses left on my stories, and while I don’t like to tell people what they “should do”, I’m going to do it anyway:




I continue to be shocked that anyone likes my stories. It’s just me, writing in a dark room, and throwing the words out the window. Thanks for giving me a reason to keep doing what I love.

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Travis Hubbard

Travis Hubbard

I have no idea why I started writing, but I’m glad I did. I’ve met so many interesting people as a result. Work, entrepreneurship, life, management, and travel.

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