#1 Week _ Reflection on Self Management Course

How I got to this cohort.

Finally the Lead Wise’s Practical Self Management course was started this week. Since I registered this course at the very beginning, I had to have waited quite long time. It is of course the one I have wanted so much but it is not happening in ideal time. Honestly it is started in kinda busiest season. I just wish that I could make sure to find time for this at least 30 mins a day and work on it.

The first Session

It is still challenge how I can secure 1 and 2 hours in week day as most of my schedule are full normally and the previous arrangement push the next one all the time. On Tuesday I cut the meeting and joined it at the book-cafe. To me the conference call with around 10 or more than 10 people is not much surprising but mostly it were for business so it was the first time to do the conference call for learning. It was very impressive that everyone somehow kept the energy in certain level to the end and I understand that Lead Wise team is shaping it in very nice way. At the team discussion, we decided to meet again on Thursday which I need to take the call on the MRT or in the middle of meeting but it seems tricky to me.

Team work on role

I missed the team call on Thursday and it was big miss I think. On Monday, we chose the Yve’s (future) company. Yve headed up some some his ideas about the company at the beginning. I guessed that all except for me worked on the role after discussion on the call. To be honest, when the first team wok was told, I had no idea about how to start thinking of it. In my head there’re just typical name of job or position. It might sound very strange or even wrong but in Korea the job description is not really telling what you do in the company or organisation. It means that I am also not much used to think of right job description so making roles in company is unusual thing. So I had to admit that I didn’t contribute to it but I learned so many things from my team has done.

When I heard about the company from Yve, I just could think of training program for the customers and I could make some role starting from how to make the program which I would think in my org as well. Later I opened the google doc and I really liked three thing.

  1. mission: it was not much what performance we would like to achieve but more focused on the impact and on how to bring the impact.
  2. gardener: I really like it when I saw the document. It reminded me of the talk from very successful coworking space founder, Alex Hillman. He said that we need community builder or community coordinator , not community manager as community is not to be managed. In this sense, the gardener and community gardener is much right term

Reflection on my first week

Importance on the team work: At the beginning, I put my priority on Monday and Friday session but this week I realise that working on team would give what I need to experience in the course and it leads me to reflection on details. So I need to secure more time for teamwork and self-reflection

Look forward to #2 week!