Contact day reflection

Reflections on a professional development day with some lovely Enspiralites at EDA AKL.

You have to want to make the change yourself. Change starts with a few small steps. Change can be made easier when you make personal investment and commitment with others.

I realise I probably already know many of the steps that I need to take in order to make the changes I desire. Taking these moments out of my daily grind to stop, think and make a commitment to incremental change has been great. The trick will be finding a path that isn’t too tricky at the start, get some momentum and build positive habits to develop a culture with sympathetic colleagues to make it sustainable and not able to be overwhelmed by bureaucracy and business as usual.

Reflection and feedback both personally and with colleagues is a key learning from today. The insanity that we so often don’t do this is quite pertinent.

Each session gave an opportunity to stop and see insight into habits, ideas and opportunities for change that are usually hidden away.

Singletasking. I know it’s crazy to constantly check email, write multiple replies, while answering phone calls and composing communication documents. Acknowledging there is a problem is the first step. Giving myself some time to bring this back to a place that is realistic will be tough but it feels like a clear goal with obvious benefits.

How can you bring agile methodology into a glacial organisation? A key factor seems it will be working out ways to break down seemingly never ending drift cycle into tasks and sprints.

Setting goals, rules, intentions and rhythms towards a personal strategy will be a big step into the world of habit building which I’ve not given much attention since starting my “career”. Again the reflection will be an essential tool here.

I’d like to thank you guys for taking time away from your core work. I hope that I can apply some of the learnings, energy and optimism to infect my corner of the world into a bit of a better place.