Fifth week’s assignment

The end that marks a new beginning?

This week started with a great guest. Bonnitta Roy joined us for the second part of the Academy. Her reading of people, reality and organisations really resonate with me. As background work I read some of her articles. I really enjoyed this one and the way she explains power dynamics as emerging from an asymmetries between people’s own needs/wants and skills/resources and the other(s). I also love that her explanation gives hope for how these asymmetries can instead be used for generative creation.

“ People automatically, spontaneously, subconsciously and naturally are always negotiating their relationships between themselves and others within this matrix. This is the basic principle that drives all life and results in the exchange of energies that generates complexity. Without asymmetry, there would be no life, no change. The world would be static, dead, non-existent. [..] The kind of generative complexity that occurs as a result of this interplay is different than the kinds of escalating complexity that we call “playing politics” in the office. Generative complexity creates new structures which are themselves generative of new emergent capacities. This is called “evolution” and it happens whenever the dynamic interplay is unobstructed. […] Leaders disrupt this generative capacity by assigning people fixed power roles in organizational structures. The dynamics turn degenerative, creating all kinds of adaptive pushback and “gaming the system” that we call “office politics.” When we look at organizational life from the view of generative process dynamics, however, we see that the conventional “solutions” to settling power disputes in organizations, inevitably creates escalating complexity. Next generation leaders are to learning how allowing teams to self-organize supports generative outcomes, and avoids escalating unwarranted complexity. Teams become more dynamic and responsive, and outcomes become more innovative and adaptive.”

Week five task was to prototype a project with the team. We got together and Abracadabra we put this website mock up together in a few hours. So proud if it!

While I loved the idea to work on a prototype, I felt the most important parts of testing it and implementing were not dealt with sufficiently (because of time).

We came to the end of this adventure and it’s time to reflect on this 5-weeks journey. It was great, it wasn’t perfect, but then again I don’t believe in perfection.

If I had to do it again I would want more time, more tools and more real life examples of self-managed realities (both negative and positive). It would be great to be able to really dive into these realities and spend some time in the life of a self-managed organisation or thinking about virtual shadowing sessions with leaders of these organisations.

Probably the most unexpected thing of this course was to meet all these wonderful people. A bunch of diverse and marvellous human beings.

One thing I changed my mind about over these past 5 weeks is that self-managed realities are for lazy hippies. Completely the opposite. It’s a lot of work (inner and outside work) and you really need to be committed to the change.

This course also helped me reinforced the idea that this is the right path to explore for me and that it only takes a small bunch of great people to change the world!

This experience was great and I am really sad it’s over. I will miss all of you! I really hope this journey won’t just end here. I wish this is just the end that marks a new beginning.

Huge thanks to all of you to made this possible!