Hi again Growth Edge

It was amazing that this week we thought and spoke about personal growth! Fortunately I started this process few years ago when nothing more were making sense in my job!

I did a Coaching training and I realized the importance of values and self development to align myself with my true core values, and my life dramatically changed! It was not simples, but it made a lot of sense, so that I carried on!

I would say that Conversare started then. I discovered that I am not only creative, but that create is a very important value to me. I discovery that I loved freedom and liberty and discovered that those were important values to me.

So I started to change my job, and I was really successful, without changing job I completely changed my job, I was successful in start a new job that made a lot of sense, not only to me, but to the entire organization, I stopped to do the administrative job and started to design and lead inhouse courses and workshops.

It was a hard time, working 12 hour or more every day, saturday and sunday, no day of, creating material, researching, learning a lot about human behaviour. And the good is that I was not supposed to do this, I did just because it made sense, it was interesting, it was good for me. I loved it!

When I finished university I considered to became a teacher, but it was not possible at that time, then I started to work for big “orange” companies and then 15 years later I became a teacher, a corporate trainer! A very good one! So good that I felt ready to leave the orange organization to do it by myself with conversare!

All this was possible because 4 years ago I had a plan, a great goal: do my “no job”, that means do a job that was not a sacrifice for me, as it used to be! I did it as a coach of myself, had a great plans, SMART goals and visual feedback about the advances! It took almost one year but I did my first training as trainer! And it was fun and totally aligned with my values, I was guided by my values! From that moment I become addicted to this new “no job”!

And it was a great pleasure to start all this again my new goal: conversare.

The immunity map really helped me this week. It is my first week of entrepreneur and I was scared about don’t know what to do, I had everything in my mind, but I was really confused! Than I received this present, I just did the homework, I shared my thought with Vinny and I was realizing what to do, what I had to do!

The tool helped me to clarify my thoughts, I realized that the most important thing to do was to organize myself and all my ideas and I had this great idea: do it visually. So that after my last meeting with Vinny I just whent in my room and started to put all my goal, projects and thoughts, in post-it and put them in the wall, then I realized that I could organize the post-it visually in the wall, I carried on trying ways to put all the ideas in a logic way and I succeed! I did more, I create a visual calendar with three spaces, one for “today”, one for “tomorrow” and one for “the day after tomorrow”.

It was incredible because now I know everything that I have to do everyday, all my goals are in post-it and I just take the post-it and put it in the day that I want or have to work it! Every day I organize my day and my week, this allow me to prioritize and do what really matters everyday.

Here you are a picture of my wall agenda: