LeadWise Academy Week #1 Reflections

My Background

I operate the consulting company following Holacracy concept (Role Relationship based on Organizational Purpose).

We also implement two fundamental processes below.

(Purpose Relationship)
First is to reflect pursonal positive experiences at work regularly that enable us to remember our Personal Purpose and also enable us to resonate with Organizational Evolutionary Purpose. That is very effective for remembering strong connection between Organizational Purpose and Pursonal Purpose.

(Evolutionary KPI(Metrics))
Second is to redesign the process from Role Purpose to Accountability, KGI, small KGI, KPI and small KPI(metrics are composed of KGI, small KGI, KPI and small KPI) regularly for increasing creative performance using a kind of system thinking method.

That is also very effective for evolving KPI not only by Leadlink but also by each Role, understanding mutual relationship between Purpose, KGI and KPI. To continue to rediscover KPI that truely has a great impact to KGI and Purpose is one of the most important issue for each role.

My Intension to this course

I would like to know another unique approach to realize self organized organization through this course for implementing them in our organization.

My Learning from the first week

It’s a happy moment for me to meet like-purpose people.
They already shared a lot of articiles about self organized organizations.
I would like to listen to other member’s unique experiences more from the next week.